Fire prevention


PARKS Victoria is conducting its annual summer fuel reduction program to maintain fuel breaks and fire access tracks, slash grass and remove weeds on public land.

Prevention work is being done in 16 parks on the Mornington Peninsula and around Western Port.

These include Mornington Peninsula, Point Nepean and Arthurs Seat state parks, Bald Hill and Buckley nature conservation reserves, Coolart Heritage Reserve, Crib Point and Tyabb bushland reserves, Devilbend and Warneet natural features reserves, French Island National Park, Kangerong and Main Ridge nature conservation reserves, Langwarrin and The Pines flora and fauna reserves, and Tubbarubba Reserve.

“Fire can spread quickly and our work to reduce fuel loads is an important part of managing the landscape in urban areas,” Parks’ senior manager fire and emergency operations Anthony Maxwell said.

“Reducing fuel will not by itself stop a major bushfire, but it is crucial to ensuring the safest possible access for fire-fighters and to provide a vital fuel buffer to nearby homes.

“Bushfires and grass fires can move rapidly and generate a large amount of heat. We urge residents living near forests or grasslands to carry out fire preparation works, such as keeping grass cut, clearing gutters, pruning shrubs and trees, and removing rubbish and weeds from around the home.”

“It’s important for residents to understand that we cut grass when it is nearly ‘cured’ – almost dried out – to avoid regrowth during the hot, dry months,” Mr Maxwell said.

First published in the Mornington News – 29 November 2016


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