Pair convicted of drunkenness in Frankston


FRANKSTON Court of Petty Sessions. Thursday 7th December, 1916. Before Messrs S. Sherlock and W. J. Oates. Js. P.


Constable Ryan charged Kenneth Logan and Charles Brodie with having been found drunk and disorderly in a public place to wit Beach Street at Frankston on Wednesday night, 6th December.

Prisoners at first pleaded not guilty and afterwards amended their plea to guilty.

Constable Ryan informed the court that it was alleged that on the evening of 6th December two drunken men who answered to accused’s description, followed two ladies, using offensive language to them and generally misbehaving.

The ladies were obliged to hail a passing vehicle in order to escape from their unwelcome attendants. The ladies endeavoured to communicate with the police by telephone but, as there is no telephone at the local police station, a delay of some hours occurred before witness received word of the offence.

He then went in search of the offenders and at 11pm he arrested the two accused whom he found drunk and disorderly in Beach Street, Frankston.

The ladies did not desire to come forward as witnesses to identify the men, so therefore witness intended to proceed only on the charge of drunkenness.

The bench severely lectured the prisoners and told them to take warning by their narrow escape from a more serious charge.

Each man was then fined 5s or 24 hours imprisonment. The fines were paid.


THE friends of Pte F Murray of Somerville have been notified that he has been wounded (the second time) while in action in France. No particulars are to hand.


THE object is worthy, the artists are worthy, and a worthy audience is expected at the Scotch Concert in aid of Xmas Bag Fund, for Langwarrin soldiers.


A PAINTER named Minton met with a painful accident on Wednesday while painting on the roof of the of the Somerville Hotel Billiard room.

Through some mishap he lost his footing and fell to the ground sustaining a compound fracture of the leg below the knee.

Mr Coop conveyed him by cart to Melbourne Hospital where his injuries were attended to.


GENERAL regret was expressed in Frankston on Wednesday, when word was received from the Defence Department that Sapper F. Burton had been, killed in action in France on November 6th.

He has lived in Frankston since boyhood, and gained the esteem and good will of all who knew him.

Heartfelt sympathy is extended to the widow and children who are left to mourn their great and sad loss.


MR A. W. Taylor, of the Frankston Motor Garage, has just been appointed agent for the Peninsula, for the famous “Trumbull” and “Victory” cars.

The former is a very snappy light car, with Australian built, three-seater body while the latter, a full size touring car although practically new to this country, is designed especially to meet the rough condition of most of our roads, and is replete with the very latest equipment.


WE are pleased to record the fact that two sons of Dr Plowman have gained some distinction in College athletics.

At Duntroon Military College, Mr Frank Plowman has again secured the Mile Walk Championship, and is runner up for the Singles Tennis Championship.

Mr Sidney Plowman, junr., has tied with Mr Fetherstonhaugh for Championship in Gymnastics, at Geelong Grammar School.

Since the above was in print we notice that in the list of Trinity College Scholarships, published on the 7th inst, the name of Sidney Plowman, as having gained a Warden’s scholarship of the value of £25.


WE are requested to call attention to an alteration in the date of the sixth presentation to Frankston volunteers to Thursday, December 21st.

His Honor Sir John Madden G.C.M.G., L L.D., D C. L. etc, has very kindly consented to make the presentations and deliver an address, on the occasion.

We also have much pleasure in making an earnest request to friends of recent Frankston volunteers to forward to the hon. Sec., Dr Plowman, the names, and exact camp addresses of such recruits.

The labors of the committee will be much lessened thereby.


THE return match between Langwarrin Camp Cricket Club and Frankston Cricket Club will the place today (Saturday). The soldiers expect to defeat the seasiders and the band will be in attendance to play the conquering heroes home.

A full attendance of “bots” is requested.


ATTENTION is drawn to Military notice warning the public against entering the danger zone while rifle practice is being carried on.

It is found that visitors and others take unnecessary risk by walking immediately behind the stop butts and entering the danger zone.

There has been no accident on the Langwarrin since it was laid out over 16 years ago, and the authorities are determined to maintain their good reputation.


IN consequence of the decline of several rifle clubs in the Mornington Peninsula, and the rise of miniature rifle clubs, the Cheltenham rifle club has made arrangements to allow any resident of the Mornington Peninsula to enter their Club.

The Club meets for practice at the Langwarrin Rifle Range on alternate Saturdays, as per syllabus.

The membership fee is 5s per annum with munition free, and free railway pass to Port Melbourne Competition for trophies is open to all members.

The annual reunion is one of the features of the bayside town.

Full particulars can be obtained from the Secretary, Mr J. H. Merrifield, secretary Rifle Club, Cheltenham.


BRITAIN’S war bill up to the end od March 1917, will amount to £3,883,000,000 including advances to the Allies.


AUSTRALIAN workers to the number of 450 are being sent by the Defence Department to work in munition factories in England.


THE competition for competitive designs for the Federal parliament House in Canberra has been indefinitely postponed.


GERMAN submarines have sunk another hospital ship, with 400 cases of sickness on board, in Greek waters.


THE State Ministry is to endeavour to obtain stocks of brown coal from the Morwell fields for use in factories.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 9 December, 1916

As published in the Mornington News – 6 December 2016


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