Mural shows Carry-On spirit


Mural backdrop: the team which worked to create the mural on the Veterans Welfare Centre, Hastings. Pictures: Gary Sissons

Georgina Willoughby signing her name on the wall.

STUDENTS from Western Port Secondary College have created a mural which the Carry On organisation believes depicts the spirit of their organisation.

It shows a digger reaching down to give a hand up to another digger, pulling him towards the sun.

The school’s Outreach Education Program’s Helen Smith said she and colleague Miles Lindqvist invited students who were struggling at school, due to a range of reasons, to get involved with the Cool Store Rd, Hastings project.

Jack McClernon and Jordan Stephens shadow play.

“We discussed the design with them, in line with the Carry On spirit, and the project result was amazing,” she said.

“Students had rostered hours but many stayed beyond school hours and into the twilight.”

Team leader of the students with disabilities program Katrina Mann says the common purpose brought the diverse group of students together.

“Natural leadership emerged under Mr Lindqvist’s direction, as well as student Daniel D’arcy’s spray-painting skills and Jack McClernan’s problem-solving skills,” Ms Smith said.

“Dan Foot and Dylan Little were amazed by the view from the top of the scissor lift as they looked out towards the [Western Port] bay.”

Members of the Carry On group, patrons and parents praised and encouraged students as the mural progressed.

First published in the Western Port News – 13 December 2016


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