Fast food a deadly ‘treat’ for cats


IT seems humans are not the only species that has an appetite for takeaway fast food.

It seems feral cats and foxes are especially drawn to menu items at KFC in Hastings, although there’s a good chance that their first meal from the outlet is also their last.

The role that KFC Hastings has in controlling pest animals has been uncovered along with a list of credit card expenses by Parks Victoria staff which also includes meals at the Portsea Hotel and several expensive restaurants elsewhere in the state – but presumably not for consumption by animals.

Parks staff went to KFC Hastings seven times, running up a $260 bill on fried chicken to be used as bait to trap cats.

No explanation has yet been given for the $1000 spent at the Portsea hotel.

Exposure by the Herald-Sun newspaper of the expenditure has caused state Environment Minister Lily D’Ambrosio to call on Parks to explain the past year’s $2.2 million credit card bill.

Parks Victoria acting CEO Margaret Gillespie has been quoted as saying the latest credit bill was higher than the previous year’s because of the phasing out of petty cash.

First published in the Western Port News – 10 January 2017


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