Conscription push fails as ‘No’ vote wins


THE referendum to decide for or against conscription was held throughout the Commonwealth on the 20th December, and the latest figures to hand show that the ‘No’s’ have a majority of 152,220


WITH the advent of hot weather there have been several fire alarms but no damage, so far, has resulted.

On Monday evening a party of fire fighters who answered the call of the bell, were successful in subduing a fire at the back of the park which was raging uncomfortably near the homes of several people.

It was not till after three hours strenuous efforts on the part of the volunteers that the fire was put out.


A FIRST class entertainment is advertised to take place at the home of the “Kooyong” Club boys, Frankston, on New Year’s Eve.

There will be unlimited amusement and everyone is invited to be present.

A collection will be taken up which will be handed to Major Conder for the boys at Langwarrin Camp.


CHRISTMAS services will be held at the Frankston Methodist Church on Sunday next.

  Mr C. Northcott of Brunswick, will preach in the morning and Rev E. Tonkin in the evening. Special vocal and instrumental selections, appropriate to the season, will be rendered.

On Xmas morning at 11am Rev E. Tonkin will conduct worship in the church.


ON Sunday afternoon last between fifty and sixty soldiers from Caulfield Hospital were entertained in the Hall, at afternoon tea, and on Monday a party of 300 interstate soldiers, returning from Palestine, were brought to Frankston from the boat, by the Volunteer Motor Corps, where luncheon was provided, on a very lavish scale, by the Wattle Club.

The weather was very hot, but everybody worked with a will, and the boys appreciated the efforts made on their behalf.

As the journey to Melbourne was commenced early, afternoon tea was dispensed with and the time was very happily spent with music and singing.


PERSONS wishing for cool storage for fruit during the Xmas Holidays are notified that they can be accommodated at the Tyabb Cool Store.


THE children attending the Frankston Church of England Sunday School gave a very successful concert on Monday evening last.

Mrs Dial, who trained the performers, (Mrs McFarlane having been compelled to give up the work on account of ill-health) has every reason to feel gratified at the results of her labours.

Mrs Bell very ably assisted in this work and much credit is due to these ladies for the time and attention devoted to the children.

Every item was well done, and the little tots especially were most entertaining.


THE unveiling of an Honor Board, in memory of those lads who had enlisted from within a distance of three miles from the School took place at Langwarrin North School on Saturday last.

Great interest was shown in the proceedings, the building being crowded with friends and visitors.

The Board is a very handsome piece of furniture, made of colonial blackwood, with massive pillars on each side, with names neatly inscribed in double columns.

The Hon. A. Downward performed the ceremony of unveiling in a neat and impressive speech, which was listened to attentively and frequently applauded by those present.

Mr Downward briefly reviewed the cause of the war, which was not one of our seeking, but had been forced upon us by the militarism (and despotism) of Germany and Austria.

At the commencement Great Britain did not have a large army but it was well disciplined and were enabled to stop Germany in her march of depredation.

There is no doubt that if Great Britain were brought to her knees, part of the peace terms asked for by Germany would be the handing over of Australia to her, and it is to the men who have fought and to those who are still to go that we owe the safety of Australia, and their names should ever be held up in esteem


“THIS is the bigger crowd Hastings has ever seen,” remarked Rev W. O’Hagan. parish priest of Mornington, on Sunday afternoon in welcoming Archbishop Mannix to the district for the purpose of opening a building which is to serve the dual purpose of a primary school and parish hall.

Included in the assemblage were many people who went down to Hastings from Melbourne in char-a-bancs.

The structure and furnishings cost £1130 and there was a liberal response of £150 to an appeal to reduce the existing debt of £670.


THE drawing of the Miniature Picture Campaign art union took place in the Melbourne Town Hall on Friday morning December 12th.

The Lord Mayor, Cr Stapley, presided and there was a large body of representative citizens present.

If all the fifty prizes are not claimed within the next three months the drawings will again take place.


CLEMENTS TONIC LTD. “Your tonic is one of the quickest nerve and brain cures known. I tried all kinds of doctors’ medicines, and got no relief as I have from your tonic. I could not stand anyone talking to me, or the noise of the town traffic.

I lost appetite and weight. I was that weak at times a child could push me over. I had to give up work. I lay hour after hour awake, now I can go to bed and almost sleep at once.

My case was one of the worst I ever heard of. I thought I would never get well. I can hardly believe the relief I have got from Clements Tonic.

Nearly all those symptoms I told you of have left me, and two or three more bottles will make me strong.


AT the monthly meeting of the Lady Mayoress’s League held in Melbourne Town Hall, it was announced by Miss B. Heuty (hon. organiser) that every sailor in the Australian Navy would receive a guinea as a Xmas gift from Victorians.

All other States were giving 15s 4d a man, but Victoria was giving £1 1s.


IN order to supplement the funds of the League which were becoming low, Miss Henty suggested that a “shop” be established for a week early in the new year, and asked that workers take holiday opportunities of making suitable and dainty needlework goods for the “shop”.

  Donations of other kinds such as jams, preserves, sauces etc would be gratefully received.


ACCORDING to our usual custom there will be no publication of the “Standard” during Xmas week.

The next issue will be on 5th January, 1918.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 22 December1917

As published in the Mornington News – 19 December 2017


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