Shire in hunt for attack dogs


MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire is seeking information on two dogs involved in an attack at the Balcombe Creek walking track, near the Century Drive leash free area, about 1pm, Monday 2 April.

The dogs are described as a large male, black and tan, possibly a Rottweiler, and a Staffordshire terrier-cross.

The owner of the dogs is described as a woman in her 30s driving a dark coloured VW Golf or similar vehicle.

A post on social media told a harrowing tale of “Alfie” and a new puppy “Charlie” being taken for a walk in the off-leash area when the larger dogs attacked.

“The dogs turned around and mauled my dog Alfie and ripped pieces out from his behind and had him pinned and screaming of the ground,” the distraught owner posted.

“I screamed at [the owner of the attacking dogs] and one of the dogs tried to come at me and bite me too, but I kicked it and screamed in self defence and it ran away.

“The girl knew her dogs were feral from the beginning because she was panicked and was screaming for them to come back to her when she saw her dogs running towards us. Why would someone who knows their dogs are feral let them off a leash with no muzzle in a leash-free dog park?”

Alfie was taken for treatment to the animal emergency hospital in Frankston.

The shire’s environment protection manager John Rankine described the situation as “distressing for all parties involved”.

“Dog attacks are our highest priority and it is important that we identify the owner of the dogs as soon as possible,” he said. “We are searching our database for dogs of similar appearance … and are calling on community members to assist if they can.”

The shire has adopted a Domestic Animal Management Plan for the next four years.

“Council encourages and promotes responsible pet ownership that fosters a greater harmony and coexistence between pet owners and non-pet owners.”

Anyone who saw the dogs in the area or knows where they can be found is asked to call 1300 850 600.

First published in the Mornington News – 10 April 2018


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