Drug driving


OPERATION Nemesis, run by Somerville Highway Patrol members at various Mornington Peninsula hot spots on Friday and Saturday nights, uses several patrol cars to detect drug-affected drivers.

Police focus on specific locations and times which they believe provides the best chance of success.

On the weekend of 18-21 May police breath tested 61drivers and found one driver over the limit and one who refused to be breath-tested.

Of the 22 drivers given preliminary oral fluid tests for drugs, nine were positive and one refused to be tested.

Three drivers were found to be unlicensed, suspended or disqualified from driving and seven were unregistered.

Fourteen drivers received summonses to appear at court and 11 were given on-the-spot penalty notices.

Six drivers were found to be driving defective vehicles; one received a warrant to appear at court and one was nabbed for evading police. Another was charged with possessing a drug of dependence.

“Taking drugs and deciding to drive is a lead factor in causing road trauma,” Acting Sergeant Paul Holtzinger said.

“We conduct a large number of drug driving tests in this area, and we have a high strike rate of positive tests. These interceptions also result in the clearing of outstanding warrants, drug possession charges and gaining intelligence.”

First published in the Mornington News – 29 May 2018


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