Village shops reject plastic bags


Bag limit: IGA duty manager Ben Campbell with BERG MM project officer Liz Barraclough with recyclable bags available at the Mt Martha supermarket. Picture: Supplied

ENVIRONMENT group BERG Mt Martha is pleased that the major supermarkets have stopped handing customers single-use plastic bags but says there is “still a long way to go” in “the war on waste”.

BERG adopted the Clean, Green Mt Martha slogan last year when it began campaigning against the use of plastic bags.

“The first step was gradually to introduce the program to the community,” project officer Liz Barraclough said.

“Most traders came on board, particularly the biggest shop IGA.

“But even though we can celebrate most of Mt Martha Village going single-use plastic bag free, there is still a long way to go.

“It’s terrific to see so many Mt Martha shoppers using their own bags or just carrying out their few items, and happily supporting the change”, Ms Barraclough said.

The group’s campaign included promoting the documentary A Plastic Ocean; carrying out litter audits of Balcombe Estuary; and, inviting local traders to a meeting to get them to agree on a plan of action.

Ms Barraclough said ABC-TV’s War on Waste series “also inspired residents to be more aware of what goes into their garbage bins”.

BERG MM and Mt Martha Boomerang Bags held an information display outside Mt Martha IGA to highlight the plastic pollution problem, suggesting such alternatives as compostable dog poo bags, paper straws, bubbles instead of balloons, fabric shopping and fruit bags.

Boomerang Bags gave away 40 re-usable shopping bags sewn by volunteers from fabric scraps and remnants.

Boomerang Bags are available free or for a donation at White Vase, in Mt Martha Village, or The Briars office.

Boomerang Bag sewing bees are held 1-4pm Mondays at Mt Martha Community House.


First published in the Mornington News – 24 July 2018


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