Barbecue check


A SPATE of barbecue fires has prompted the CFA to urge Mornington Peninsula residents to “look before you cook”.

Mornington station officer Geoff Barker said spring weather had prompted residents to get out and fire up their barbecues – without being aware of gas leaks which have caused fires.

“One resident was lucky to escape with just singed hairs after a gas leak ignited by barbecue flames caused a gas cylinder to catch fire in their alfresco area,” officer Barker said.

“Firefighters were on the scene within four minutes. They cooled and protected the cylinder prior to closing the valve and stopping the gas leak.

“I have seen some horrific injuries from barbecue gas fires and most are preventable.”

Officer Barker urges residents to check to see that the gas cylinder has been tested within the past 10 years. If it hasn’t, they should exchange the cylinder at a reputable supplier. They should then check the hose to make sure it has not perished, and check that the connections are tight.

“Use soapy water to check for gas leaks every time you connect it,” he said. “If bubbles form, gas is escaping, so turn off the gas and contact a licensed gasfitter.”

Details: visit Energy Safe Victoria.

First published in the Mornington News – 25 September 2018


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