Weekly picture show to come to Frankston


A PROPOSAL is on foot to inaugurate a weekly picture show at Frankston.

The details are being worked out by the Frankston Progress Association and Major Conder, O.C. Langwarrin camp, and the proceeds are to be equally divided between the camp and the progress association.


MRS Reynolds has been appointed agent, for the Royal Insurance Co. for Frankston district.


OWING to the Rev E Tonkin taking the church anniversary services at Cheltenham on. Sunday next, the Rev C. Bridgborne will conduct both services in the Frankston Methodist Church.

He will also preach at Somerville in the afternoon.


MR A L. McFarlane was the successful candidate in an examination recently held for the position of a junior clerk in the local branch of the State Savings bank, and commenced his duties on the 1st inst.

Mr McFarlane is to be congratulated upon his success.

Mr Reg. Coxall, his predecessor, who has enlisted for active service, goes into camp on 13th inst, but still retains his position as an officer of the bank.


THE last of a series of euchre parties and dances under the auspices of the Frankston Wattle Club was held last week.

Mrs Lee gained the lady’s prize for winning the greatest number of games during the tournament, with Mrs Thompson runner up.

The gents prize was annexed by Mr T. Thompson, with Mr G. Darcey as runner up.

Another series will commence next Thursday evening.


ON Monday morning a fire occurred in a house on the Cranbourne road, owned by Mr Scarborough, senr, and occupied by Mr Goodwin and family.

The cause of the fire was the over heating of an incubator, and the occupant had a narrow escape.

Some of the furniture was saved, but the building was completely demolished. Neither the house or furniture were insured.


WORD has been received from the defence authorities by Mr Alf. Jones that his son, Pte. W. J. Jones had been wounded in France, and admitted to hospital.

Later a private cable was received from Pte. Jones, stating that he is doing well.


BUY War Loan bonds, and the world buys with you; hold back and you hold back alone.

A War Loan Bond is as mighty as the sword.

Tis better to have bought the smallest War Loan Bond than never to have bought at all.


Repatriation Concert at Frankston.

THE first of a series of concerts held throughout this shire was held at Frankston on Monday evening.

There was a good attendance, the chair being occupied by Cr Mason, who apologised tor the unavoidable absence of the president of the shire, Cr C Murray.

The platform was occupied by Lieutenant Bolton Warrant Officer David and Cr Oates

A capital programme of songs was gone through, and the Langwarrin Band rendered good service in opening and closing the meeting with the National Anthem.

In his opening remarks the chairman explained that it had been published that Captain Bruce and Lieut Colonel Bolton would be present, but as they were engaged that evening in other parts of the electorate it was found impossible for them to be here, but the former gentleman fully intended to attend a meeting later on.

Song and encore – Drum Major Scarfe.

Lieutenant Bolton was sure that they felt joyful that evening in looking at the general aspect of the war but we must not forget that we must keep on going till we push the Hun to Berlin.

We have been up against it for four years, but now we have turned and it remains to be seen if Germany can withstand the Allies, as they have done.

He doubted it.

We still want men, not so much boys of 18 to 21 but mature men plenty of whom may yet be seen frequently on race courses and football grounds.

He had heard it said reinforcements are not necessary, but the men that ought to know, are those that are here.

If reinforcements had been kept up many of those who took part in the first engagements would be alive today.

On the 17th of next month the Government has decided to give voluntary recruiting the last chance. They have instituted the voluntary ballot system.

Without your support it will be a failure, but with it a success In Frankston sub-division there are 1043 eligible men, and the annual quota is 7 men a month and it ought not be difficult to get that number.

He said the system was giving each one a sporting chance and appealed to those present to take that chance for the sake of those brave lads who are there.

It was a unique opportunity for every one first to find his own soul and then prove himself a man.


Sergeant Widburn—Song and several encores.

A collection was then taken up in the hall to defray expenses which resulted in £2 15s.

Sergeant Lane—Song and encore.

Warrant Officer David then gave stirring address on the object of the meeting – to gain recruits, and also on the splendid work achieved by the Red Cross women in the years that have passed.

It was not possible to convey the real appreciation of the Australian lads for the good things sent them.

Those that had been prisoners of war and been released had stated that had it not been for the goods sent by the Red Cross workers they would have died.

He vividly pictured a hospital ward there he had been in 1915, when the Xmas Billies had been distributed to the sick and wounded and likened it to of the delight of children reviewing it their gifts on a Xmas morning.

He appealed to those who perhaps were not eligible themselves yet know some that were to try and persuade them to go and do his bit.

The Union Jack stands for the symbol of the nation.

To those who were unable to go he urged to support the war loan.

By doing so they would be doing their bit to help the boys at the front.

The Tank would be along on the 8th when all would have an opportunity of contributing.

He concluded by passing an enconium on the boys at the front for their unfailing good humour and utter fearlessness.

Mr L. Payne—Song and encore.

The chairman said he felt that no one present would regret attending the meeting and if there were any eligible men present they would be constrained to go and do their bit.

Cr Oates in proposing a vote of thanks to the speakers and singers spoke on the necessity of raising our proportion of the required quota and urged those that intended to do so to state that it was to be credited to the Shire of Frankston and Hastings so as to entitle us to the credit of it.

The vote was carried by acclamation.

Lieutenant Bolton moved a vote of thanks to the chairman and the proceedings terminated with the National Anthem by the band.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 5 October 1918

As published in the Mornington News – 2 October 2018


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