Private Walker gets a grand welcome home


A GREAT surprise awaited Private Bob Walker on his arrival, in Mr Norman McDonald’s well decorated car, at the corner of Humphries and Walkers roads, on Tuesday last.

A whole hearted welcome awaited him. A large arch was erected, consisting of gum, streamers and flags, and Anzac Walker’s colors crowning the whole.

Nearby was a table groaning under the weight of the feast provided by the proud neighbours of the returning soldier.

An extra treat was provided in a huge bowl of strawberries and cream, the former specially grown by Mrs Morgan for the occasion.

It was indeed a very gay scene, in true Australian setting.

The bugle calls resounded (by bugler Broomhead) and a rally, by drummer Fergusen, heralded the arrival of the car.

The National anthem was played by Mr Fergusen, on the violin, Grace being sung, the splendid tea, arranged by Mrs Morgan and the Misses Broomhead, assisted by Mesdames Fergusen, Broomhead and Woods, was greatly appreciated.

Cr Oates was well to the fore with a glad speech of welcome, which was ably responded to by Private Walker, after which “He’s a jolly good fellow” was sung with thorough heartedness.

Mrs Walker was presented with an Australian flag, though small, the spirit of the feelings was large indeed.

The happy faces of the children many of which have kept up a regular correspondence with Pte Walker, were a delightful welcome.

Should we decide at any time, to decorate our township with arches, it would be well to secure the services of Messrs Fergusen, Woods, and Syd Morgan, as well as the artistic eyes of their lady friends, why were responsible for the splendid piece of work at Humphries road.

Our best wishes for a long life of happiness to Anzac and Mrs Walker


THE general meeting of the Progress Association, which was to have been held on Friday the 22nd November, lapsed, for the want of a quorum, the secretary being the only person in attendance.


THE Tyabb annual picnic will be held in the Tyabb Park on Saturday December 28th.


MESSRS Alex Scott and Co Pty Ltd will hold their usual monthly sale at Tanti on Monday next, when a good yarding of stock, sheep etc, will be offered.


REV E. Tonkin will conduct both services in the local Methodist church next Sunday. Evening subject. “The bane of strong drink.”


THE new edifice erected by the Methodist people at Pearcedale, will be dedicated at 3 p.m. on Thursday next, December 5th.

Addresses will be given by the Revs E. Tonkin and T. Alday.

This will be followed by a knife and fork tea in the public hall for which great preparation is being made.

In the evening there will be entertainment. A splendid programme has been arranged, including solos from Miss Florence Vines, and elocutionary items from Rev Alday.

Probably a drag will be secured to convey intending visitors from Frankston.

On Sunday, December 8th, the opening services will be conducted, afternoon and evening, by the Rev B. W. Heath, of Armadale.


Peace Picnic to the Zoo.

Favored by a glorious day the children’s picnic to the Zoo was a perfect success.

Mr M’Donald had the train arrangements so perfectly organised, that no discomfort occurred.

The special train left Somervilie at 8.10am and picked up the children from Moorooduc, Baxter, Langwarrin and Frankston, including Mt. Martha.

Mr Le Souef the Director of the Gardens, personally made the visit an education treat, and his staff of courteous attendants were untiring in their efforts.

The place might easily be mistaken for a Botanical Garden, for beautiful flowers foliage plants, shady trees and well kept lawns predominate and though the number of animals is immense, they seem only to occur in the beautiful surroundings, and the idea of captivity does not obtrude upon the pleasure of the visitor.

The place is ideal for a picnic, and the fact that the train lands visitors at the very gates of the Zoo, makes the trip specially suitable for country parties.

It was most noticeable, and to the credit of the children, how kindly they treated the animals.

They behaved as visitors should in making a friendly call.

“Molly” perhaps, would be the only one that evening, to regret the visit, for when last seen, she was hors do combat – lying done up, with peanuts and lollies all about her.

The return journey was made happy by thoughts of a most enjoyable day, spent with the animals of the whole world.

The general opinion is that the excursion should be made an annual event.

Whether it was the Kaiser’s bonfire that originated it or not, Mr Hartland has proved himself a children’s benefactor, for it was there the brighter idea was originated by him; 224 adults and 370 children took part in the excursion.


£100 Reward. WILL be paid for information leading to the conviction of the Person or Persons who are responsible for the damage recently done to my store at Somerville.



LEFT in Mornington Train, Saturday evening, parcel containing dress, addressed Mrs Partridge.

Finder please communicate with Corpl A. Partridge, Langwarrin Camp. Reward.


Welcome Home Committee.

A MEETING of the above committee was held in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall on Tuesday evening last, in order to take steps to give a welcome to some of the Frankston soldiers who were returning in a few days.

Owing to the shortness of the notice given, there was not a large attendance.

Cr Oates explained that they had been called together rather hurridly that evening for the purpose of taking steps to give a welcome home to Private R. Walker, Farrier-Sergeant Smith, Private Hanton, Wireless Operator Tait and Driver H. Covington, and as many more who may return within the next few days.

Cr Mason moved that the reception take place on Friday, 6th December.

Seconded by. Mr Tait, and carried.

The following arrangements were made for carrying out the function – Mrs H. M’Comb to have charge of the catering arrangements; Mesdames Mason and Tait to arrange the evening’s programme, and Mrs Cunneen to look after the decorating with Mr and Mrs Reeves.

Misses Howett and Johnson and as many volunteers as possible to assist Mr. H M’Comb was appointed doorkeeper

It was also decided to ask the Wattle Club for the loan of their crockery.

Mrs Deane moved that a letter be sent to the secretary of the Frankston Fire Brigade notifying him that some of the old members were returning, and asking that other members should attend the welcome in uniform.

The offer of Mr Brierly (through Mrs Mason) to play for the dances at the various welcomes to returned men gratuitously was accepted with thanks.

The meeting then closed


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 30 November 1918

First published in the Mornington News – 27 November 2018


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