Mr McKenzie welcomes his son home from the war


LAST week Mr R. W. B. McKenzie of Melbourne Road had the pleasure of welcoming home his soldier son, Lieutenant McKenzie, who as a member of the Flying Corps saw service in Egypy, Gallipoli and France.


MR A. K. T. Sambell, C.E., having secured an extended lease of “Balnawartha,’ in Frankston, intends establishing his home here at an early date.


AN old identity passed away on Sunday in the person of Mrs Henderson, of Cranbourne Road, Frankston.

The funeral took place on Monday.


THEIR many friends were pleased to welcome Privates Bob. Dean and Roger Burton who returned to Frankston this week after several years of active service abroad.


THE Rev. E. Tonkin who has been enjoying a Short vacation has returned to Frankston and will conduct services in the Methodist church as usual on Sunday next.


CAPTAIN Carmichael on Monday night stated that had Mr Hughes contested any seat in the recent English elections he would have succeeded. 

The anti-German attitude of the Australian Prime Minister so coincided with the opinion of the majority of England’s electors that his election on that cry, would have been assured had he stood.


ATTENTION is directed to the corrected railway time table appearing on our fourth page. The figures have been brought right up to date, and should prove a convenience to railway travellers.


AT the ordinary monthly sitting of the Frankston police court on Monday before Mr S. Sherlock (chairman) and Messrs W. J. Oates and C. W. Grant, Js.P., only one case was listed.

L. Cooper, for failing to have his child vaccinated, was fined £2 in default distress.

There was no appearance of the defendant.


RECENTLY the Bendigo City Council circularised 110 municipalities in the State, soliciting support and co-operation in a movement to induce the Government to introduce an amendment of the Country Roads Act to provide that the Country Roads Board be empowered to take over as national roads, such sections of main roads as, in its opinion, are not materially advantageous to the municipalities through which they pass and those adjacent thereto. 

The council has received replies from 79 municipalities, of which 60 favor the proposal.


ENCOURAGING support has been accorded the “Standard” since the commencement of the year. 

From various sources numerous letters have been addressed to the management, expressing appreciation at the forward move made by the Peninsula’s oldest newspaper.

This recognition of our efforts to bring the “Standard “ up to date is very gratifying and encourages us to go right on.

Complaints made in connection with the late delivery of the “Standard” to subscribers in the metropolitan area and “down the line” post offices have been brought under the notice of the Postmasters General’s Department, and we hope to have an improved service in the near future. 

Subscribers who do not receive the paper regularly every weekend are invited to immediately communicate with the manager.


AT Sandringham court on Monday three defendants were charged with serious offences under the Health Act – two with neglecting to keep the premises in a cleanly condition, and the third with permitting overcrowding, so as to be prejudicial to the health of the inmates. 

The evidence disclosed the very insanitary conditions which provail at certain seaside districts. 

The honorary magistrates inflicted a penalty of 10s in one of the first mentioned cases, and the other two defendants were fined 20s. 

Eight cases were dealt with at the same court against owners for allowing horses and cattle to wander, and each defendant was fined 20s. 

Apparently the justices, one of whom is a municipal councillor, did not view the housing conditions of the people as a more serious matter than the case of a harmless cow or horse wandering about the streets grazing on the luxurious growth of grass on the sides of the roads.


AT the Cranbourne council meeting on Saturday, Cr Cameron referred to the necessity for provision being made for adequate drainage in regard to estates that were being subdivided, and upon which returned soldiers were being settled, and remarked that if attention was not paid to the matter, there would be serious trouble later on. 

The council thought the suggestion a good one and appointed a deputation comprising the shire president (Cr McGregor) and the engineer (Mr Maughan) to interview the Minister of Lands on the subject.


IN the ordinary course the Election of the Frankston school committee would have taken place last month. It has been decided by the Minister of Education that in consequence of the closing of schools owing to the epidemic it has been decided that, except where otherwise determined, the period of office of persons who held positions as members of school committees on February 28, 1919, will be extended to April 30.


THE annual meeting of St. Paul’s Church of England, Frankston, was held in the Schoolroom on Friday evening last. 

The Vicar occupied the chair. 

The minutes of the last annual meeting were read by the secretary and confirmed, on the motion of Mr Wheeler, seconded by Mr Garrood.

The treasurer presented a very satisfactory balance sheet, which was received and adopted on the motion of Mr Jolly, seconded by Mr Bailey.

A letter was read from H. M. Collins, Esq., stating that he was leaving England for Australia on 19th March, and on his arrival in Victoria he wished to personally discuss with the secretary the erection of a memorial in the local church from the members of his family to perpetuate the memory of the late Mrs C. Mins. 


HEARD in the Train.

That Frankston and Seaford intend joining forces to make Kananook Creek a navigable and/picturesque waterway.

That some action should be taken to compel motor cyclists to affix “silencers” to their machines.

That immediate steps should be taken to securely fence the “Honor Avenue” at Frankston.

That danger from fires at Seaford is very real during the summer months.

That it would be a wise precaution to gather up all the dry bush and rubbish along the foreshore reserve.

That Seaford is anxious to co-operate with Frankston in urging an improved railway service.

That Langwarrin residents intend making another attempt to secure severance from Cranbourne shire.

That the Shire Engineer, Mr Sambell, put up a splendid case for adequate building regulations at the Council meeting on Thursday.

That a sewerage system for Frankston will be a matter for early consideration with the advent of the water supply.


From the pages of the Mornington Standard, 1 March 1919

First published in the Mornington News – 5 March 2019


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