Media varies for women’s tales

Taking to the stage for When the Birds Come In are Jemma Cuff-Jones, Jane Bayly, Brian Garnot, Anthea Mackenzie, Finley Stapleton-Hamleton, Octavia Stapleton, Pixie Jones, Carole Patullo. Picture: Yanni

WHEN the Birds Come In is a multimedia retrospective of stories shared by women living on the Mornington Peninsula.

Curated and crafted by Carole Patullo, Jane Bayly and Melanie Beddie, audiences will travel through several created environments and spaces.

Performers from three generations, including young actors from Dreamhouse Theatre Company, Rosebud Secondary College, SPARK Productions and The Music Industry will work alongside professional actors to reimagine stories and songs collected through the festival, A Woman’s Place.

“There is something very special about storytelling; and when those stories come from lived experiences and transformed into theatre, the response from communities is profound,” co-producer Anthea Mackenzie said.

Members of the audience will be invited to share their stories.

“The magic that happens in storytelling isn’t with the storyteller, and it isn’t with the audience. The magic is in the ‘something’ that happens between the two,” Ms Mackenzie said.

When the Birds Come In will be performed at the Southern Peninsula Arts Centre, Rosebud, 16 and 17 March.



First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 12 March 2019


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