Nasty motor car accident in Frankston


A PARTY from Frankston House had an unpleasant experience whilst out motoring one day last week. 

In endeavoring to pass a vehicle, which claimed a monopoly of the road, the motor car was overturned. 

The occupants were all more or less injured, and the driver (Mr Goulding) was severely cut with the glass from the broken wind screen. 

The members of the party consisted of Mrs Fossitt, of Melbourne, and her son, Private Fossitt, (who has just returned from active service in France), Miss Hay, Miss Box Miss Matters, and Miss Doughty. 

Fortunately Mrs Fossitt and Miss Doughty were not in the car at the time of the accident. 

The members of the party speak in the highest terms of praise of the coolness and skill displayed by Mr Goulding in handling a very difficult position. 

Miss Hay, we are sorry to learn has not quite recovered from the effects of the accident.


PRESBYTERIAN Church – Owing to illness the Rev. N. Webster, of Mornington, will not be able to conduct services at Frankston next Sunday morning as arranged. 

The Sacrament of the Lords Supper will be postponed till a future date.


SOMERVILLE Fruitgrowers Association. The usual monthly meeting of the above association will be held on Monday evening next when the business to be brought forward is the coolstores extension (for which 4000 shares have already been applied for), cooperative cannery, and general.


IN consequence of the Easter holidays the “Standard” next week will be published on Thursday evening. 

Advertisers and contributors will please note that all communications connected with that issue must reach this office not later than Thursday, 17th inst. at noon.


THE idea of severing the south riding from the Dandenong Shire has again been brought to the front. After having laid dormant for a considerable time, it was brought up some time back, freely discussed and approved of by the Chelsea Progress Association but without apparent effect, until the present week when it became evident that the local councillors had decided to join the movement. 

Some four years ago as the result of similar disscussions at the Foreshore Progress Associations, a conference had been formed with Mr H. J. Richardson as secretary, to go into the question with a view of taking steps to sever and create a separate bayside shire. 

After a great deal of work had been done it had been found towards the end of 1916 that the formation of a new shire was not possible by reason of insufficient revenue. 

When the petition was presented the south riding had a valuation of £32,467, with a revenue from rates £2,840. 

At that time there were 1058 ratepayers on the south riding roll. The conference found then that the combined revenue of what was known as the garbage area with the district of Seaford was to small to successfully finance a borough. 

Since the above statistics were published, there has been a marked increase in each of the items mentioned.


THE Frankston Football Club will play their initial match for the season this afternoon in the local park, when they will try conclusions with a team picked from the Mornington club. 

All local players are requested to meet in the park at 2 o’clock sharp for the purpose of making a final selection.


ENTERTAINMENT Tax: The Federal Commissioner of Taxation (Mr R. Ewing) notifies all entertainment proprietors and promoters (other than those who have made special arrangements to use their own tickets) that on and after 1st May next Departmental stamped tickets must be used in lieu of the present practice of affixing postage stamps where the price of admission does not exceed sixpence.

The tickets will be made available at all post offices before the end of April.


AT the last meeting of the local Shire Council a warm tribute of praise was extended by the Council to the voluntary helpers who came forward when the emergency hospital was established at Frankston and rendered willing assistance in meeting existing difficulties. 

Cr Mason, who as acting secretary of the committee charged with the responsibility of coping with the position, was able to speak with authority and a first hand knowledge of facts when he asked the Council to pass for payment the domestic accounts connected with the hospital. 

These totalled a sum of £17 11s 10d and represented the cost of provisioning 6 people for upwards of 5 weeks besides paying the cook and other incidentals. 

Cr Mason said the Council and the people generally were greatly indebted to Nurse Gallus for the unselfish way in which she threw herself into the work of managing the hospital. 

Patients had received the best of treatment and at the same time a wise economy had been practiced. 

He moved that an honorarum of £10 be voted by the Council to Nurse Gallus. This was seconded by Cr Oates and carried unanimously. The secretary was also directed to write thanking Nurse Gallus for the invaluable services rendered by her; also to send letters of thanks to the many other helpers.


MR Colin McKenzie has been very ill during the past week, his condition causing his friends very grave anxiety.


LANCE-Sergeant R. B. Bates, M.H. and Bar (son of Mrs Bates, of Mornington, has been awarded the Overseas Sailors’ and Soldiers’ Scholarship. He is in residence at Oxford University.


MR James Grice, of Frankston, has received information that his son, Major G Grice, M.B.E., M.C., who is on active service, is suffering from the result of an accident. 

Major Grice has been notified of his appointment to the command of a Highland heavy battery in the Royal Garrison Artillery in France.


DRIVER Hay cabled his mother, Mrs Hay, of Frankston House, on the 17th ult., that he was leaving India for Australia immediately. 

His friends hope that he will be on board the Janus, due to arrive here this month. 

This local lad is attached to the Australian Wireless Squad, and has seen three years’ active service, including a long and trying campaign in Mesopotamia.


ON the 29th ult. Mr G, Fletcher, the popular motor car proprietor, of Chelsea, passed away after a lengthy illness in the hospital. 

Mr Fletcher was a highly respected resident of the foreshore district for about 9 years, most of that time being spent at Carrum. 

He leaves a widow (daughter of Mr and Mrs Jas Millard, of this town) and a daughter about 13 years of age to mourn their loss. 

The remains were interred in the Frankston cemetery on Sunday afternoon, a Masonic service was conducted at the graveside, Wor. Bro. Mason reading the service.


STRAYED on to my Property, Black and White Cow, K on left rump, top off right ear—Wyatt. Wells Road Seaford.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 12 April 1919

First published in the Mornington News – 9 April 2019


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