Motor smash in Frankston – serious injuries


THE return journey from Dromana on Saturday last was fraught with disaster for members of the Frankston football team.

Then about half a mile on the Dromana side of Balcombe’s Creek, the first car, driven by Mr. J. McEntee, of Seaford, was overtaken by Mr. M. Goulding’s’ car.

At this spot the road takes a distinct turn, but Goulding evidently overlooked this fact, with the result that in trying to pass McEntee the cars collided.

McEntee kept wonderful control of his car, and successfully brought it to a standstill in the drain, but with a suddenness that precipitated the occupants out of the vehicle.

These included Cr. W. J. Oates and Messrs. Cain, Martin, McCulloch, and Mrs. Burton and Master Burton.

Fortunately, none of the foregoing sustained serious injury, and Mr. McEntee was afterwards able to get his car going and resume the homeward journey.

Goulding’s car fared much worse. It travelled about four lengths and then capsized, the occupants being all under the car.

The following cars, driven by Messrs. G. W. Wells and Forster were shortly at the scene of disaster, and all present rendered what assistance was possible.

The injured men were: Mr. W. Egan (injuries to head and face), Mr. Williams (broken ankle), Mr. Paternoster (injuries to ear), Mr. Cain (shock and abrasions), Mr Kirkpatrick (Dromana), serious injuries. Mr. Goulding (badly shaken).

The more seriously injured were ferried to Mornington, and received the services of Dr. Somers.

Mr Kirkpatrick was taken to his home at Mentone, and was admitted to the Alfred Hospital.

Mr Paternoster and Williams are under the care of Dr. Atkinson, of Frankston.

From latest reports all are progressing as well as can be expected.


REV. E. Tonkin will conduct both services in the local Methodist Church on Sunday next.

Communion in the morning. Solo in the evening.


A SOCIAL in connection with the Methodist C.E. Society will be held in the School Hall on Saturday evening (to-night,) when a good program of vocal and elocutionary items will be presented, also games, competitions and refreshments.

This is open to all for the modest charge of sixpence.


THE announcement appears in our advertising columns that Messrs T. R. B. Morton and Son will, on Thursday, 26th June, offer for sale at “Peach Grove” Hastings Road, Somerville, the farm, orchard plant, horses and sundries of Mr A. G. Thornell.

The sale starts at 12.30 o’clock and should attract general attention.

A large quantity of household furniture will also be offered.


A DANCE in connection with the local branch, of the Returned Soldiers Association will be held in the Frankston Mechanics’ Hall to-night.

The drawing of raffles in connection with the recent Anzac appeal will take place during the evening and will give added interest to the function.

Progress reports in connection with the “ugly man” competition will be made and the final announcement at 10.30pm.


THE “Wattle” club held their usual euchre party and dance on Thursday evening last.

There was a fair attendance considering the “elements”.

Mrs Murphy and Misses Tasker, Thompson and Gregory with ten games each, played off and resulted in a win for Mrs Murphy.

Messrs Paxman, Dalman, A. Wood, H. McSweeney with nine games each played off, and Mr McSweeney was declared the winner.


AT about 5.30 on Thursday evening last, near Chelsea, a motor car driven by Mr P. Wheeler of Frankston, the other occupants being Mrs Wheeler and child and Miss Gallus were run into by a motorcycle and side car containing a man and a woman.

The cycle and side car struck the radiator and was completely smashed as was also the radiator.

None of the occupants were injured.


Balnarring V. Somerville

The above teams met on the ground of the former last Saturday when Balnarring won easily.

Once again Somerville had difficulty in getting a team together, eight or nine of the best players being absent owing to various causes.

The yellow and blues have been unfortunate this year, for not once during the season have they been able to put their strongest side on the field.

It is hoped that future games will see an improvement in this respect.

The game on Saturday was very congested as players in both teams wandered from their places – nearly all being on the ball.

The strong wind blowing across the ground was, no doubt, chiefly responsible for this uninteresting football.

Balnarring resorted considerably to handball which got them out of many difficulties in the crowded situation.

Somerville’s forwards should scout out more instead of hunching together, thus hindering one another.

Balnarring’s best players were Van Suylan, Tipping, Hurley and Stone Bros.

Buckly had a spell from ruck work, being in the goals all day.

For Somerville P. Thornell, N. Unthank, J. Shelton, W. Griffith, and Webb shone out prominently.

The final scores were – Balnarring 8 goals 16 behinds; Somerville 1 goal

2 behinds.

The game was admirably umpired by E. J. Watt who pleased all hands.


Heard in the Train

That “Jerry” Coxall’s gift of meat to make beef tea for the footballers is much appreciated by both committee and players.

That the cold wind blowing across Dromana playing ground on Saturday made the bearers of the beef tea doubly welcome.

That Cr Oates manipulated the big “demi” with a master hand. His frequent invitations to “Have another” being most acceptable.

That at the next entertainment given in the Somerville Mechanics Institute, the public are requested to bring their own lamps if they wish to see their way into same.


MR Purdy has received word that his son Pte A. R. Purdy, is returning next week by the “Soudan”.


THE Perpetual Trustees’ Association is applying for probate of the will of Henry Scarborough, late of Cranbourne Road, Frankston, farmer, deceased, who died on 25th March last, leaving an estate of the gross value of £4028, being realty £1900 and personally £2128.

Deceased was a widower, and his estate is bequeathed to his children in certain proportions.


MRS FLANAGAN and Family desire to tender their sincere thanks for the sympathy and many kindnesses extended to them in their recent sad bereavement; also for the numerous floral tributes.

They desire to specially thank the Nursing Staff of the Chelsea Hospital; also Doctors Atkinson and Grindrod and Father Lee and Father Norris.


LOST – One leather driving glove on Cranbourne Road. – Reward – “Standard” Office, Frankston.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 21 June 1919

First published in the Mornington News – 18 June 2019


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