Reset tests drivers


MORE than 1200 traffic offences were detected during the four-day Operation Reset, police said last week.

Speeding topped the list of offences with 405 drivers nabbed: alarmingly, 320 were exceeding the limit by 10-25kph.

Police conducted 11,758 preliminary breath tests and 499 drug tests and found 69 affected drivers during the operation which ran from Thursday 1 August-Sunday 4 August.

Southern Metro Region Acting Commander Tony Silva said it was alarming to see the number of dangerous choices people continue to make when they get behind the wheel. “It’s a harsh reality … that every offence, be it speeding, drink or drug driving, or failure to wear seatbelts, can take a life in a split second,” he said.

“Poor driver behaviour on our roads continues to kill and injure family, friends and loved ones.

“The operation may have finished but our focus to reset this behaviour on our roads remains.”

Offences detected over the four days included 24 drink drivers, 45 drug drivers, 43 impounds, 61 mobile phone offences, 79 unlicensed drivers, 12 disqualified drivers, 12 seat belt offences, and 207 unregistered vehicles.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 13 August 2019


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