Mornington Peninsula Mayor calls for calm


The Mayor of the Mornington Peninsula Shire, Sam Hearn, has a message for the peninsula: “we need to act with strong sense of responsibility but not anxiety”.

The shire’s message coincides with a video the Mayor released on Facebook this afternoon.

The video, the first in a series to run in days and weeks ahead, states that while coronavirus will be with us for a while, we still need to carry on with our daily lives and, above all, look after the vulnerable and support local businesses.

“While we need to create a physical distance between each other to avoid infection – in our attitudes and emotions we need move closer to one another at this time, we are all in this together, and we need to become more giving and considerate of those around us (particularly those who are vulnerable) so that we can all make it through this,” said Mayor Hearn.

“Our national authorities have quite clearly said that we need to implement measures to reduce the risk and rate of transmission that can be sustained over a 6 month period to flatten the curve, and that still keep society functioning as much as possible. This means we can, and need to, keep supporting and patronising our local businesses, shops, and cafes in our local community.

“Consider your local community, your neighbours and local businesses. Check in on your neighbours and how they are going. Go out of your way to help them if they need it. Consider how you might be able to buy stuff in your local community in a way that ensures that others in your local community have what they need and keeps local business viable.

“We will make it out of this. We need to act with a sense of focus to reduce serious health impacts on our community, and we need to do so in a calm and balanced way to avoid any unnecessary damage that will make the social and economic recovery more difficult in the medium and long term”.

Watch the video here:


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