COVID-19 cases close Frankston radiology clinic


THE I-MED radiology clinic in Frankston has closed after staff members tested positive to COVID-19.

A joint statement issued last week by I-MED Radiology CEO Dr Shrey Viranna and Chief Medical Officer Dr Ron Shnier read that “a number of our employees at Frankston Radiology have tested positive for COVID-19.”

“We have worked with the Department of Health and Human Services to ensure any patients who had experienced close contact with the employees were notified. In addition all employees who had experienced close contact have self isolated for 14 days and have been tested before recommencing work,” the statement read.

“As an essential healthcare service provider, I-MED Radiology is committed to maintaining our services to practitioners and patients during the current coronavirus pandemic. Our priority is also ensuring the safety of all patients and our clinical staff. To this end we are following all guidelines issued by the Australian Department of Health for healthcare environments.

“Our procedure is to close the clinic while we conduct a full sanitisation and disinfection of the facility, at which point it will reopen and resume providing vital patient services.”

The statement read that “given the current environment an increasing number of healthcare workers will test positive to COVID-19 in the coming months.”


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