Frankston’s postmistress transferred to Mornington


MISS Mackay, who has occupied the position of postmistress at the Frankston Post Office for many years has received notice of her transfer to the charge of the Mornington office.

Mr W. E. Klavig, of Woodend, has been appointed to Frankston.


PICTURES next Saturday night at the Mechanics’ Hall promise to be something extra good.

The beautiful Madeline Traverse, a great emotional artiste, will be featured’ in “When Fate Decides”, whilst “The Beast” includes George Walsh and Annie Luther in its cast.


AT the Frankston Police Court on Monday, before Mr. Knight, P.M. and Mr. C. V. G. Williams, J.P., a youth, aged about 20 years, was charged with stealing letters, the property of the Postmaster General.

The evidence of Mrs Shanahan was to the effect that she enclosed postal notes to the value of 30/- in a letter addressed to a Melbourne firm.

Her brother testified that he posted the letter in question.

Detectives White and Holland deposed that they interviewed accused at Ascot Vale, and obtained a statement from him relating to the period he was temporarily stationed at Frankston from January to March of the present year.

Accused, who pleaded guilty, was committed for trial.


FOR Influenza Colds take Woods’ Great Peppermint Cure.


THE President of the Wattle Club (Miss D. Gregory) desires to acknowledge the receipt of the following donations:

Captain Collins, £3/3/- ; Mr. Henry Masterton, £2/2/; Mr W. Williams, £1; Mrs Mann, – 1/1/- ; Miss Wrede, 10s.


THERE was a record attendance at the general meeting of members of the Frankston branch of the Returned Soldiers Association on Wednesday night.

Several nominations were received for the office of President, and after a ballot, Mr H. Vicars was declared duly elected.

A strong committee was appointed, and it was arranged to hold meetings on the first Monday in each month.


THERE was a splendid attendance at the Band euchre party and dance held last night.

Miss Dengan won the lady’s prize (box of sweets) presented by Miss Kimlin, while the gent’s prize (shaving mug) donated by Mr Paxman, was annexed by Mr Tom Dean.


THE visit of Mrs Wheeler, the great elocutionist, to Frankston on Monday 16th July, is arousing great interest in temperance circles, and the local White Ribbon League and the Rechabite Lodge intend making the occasion’ a memorable one.

Mrs Wheeler’s engagements are advertised in another column.


THE Kananook Creek Improvement Committee met again on Tuesday night at Frankston, the chairman, Cr W. P. Mason, presiding.

There were also present: Cr. Howell, Messrs Hunter, Cotton, McCulloch, A. K. T. Sambell, Wheeler, W. Crawford Young, and the secretary, Mr. W. Klauer.

The chairman extended a welcome to the Hon. A. Downward, M.L.A., who had kindly attended for the purpose of helping the movement along.

Correspondence read indicated that much had already been done to create interest in the proper quarter.

Mr Groves, M.L.A. and councillors of other shires wrote promising to attend the deputation, and it was shown that Melbourne residents owning property in the shire were also moving.

Mr. Sambell, C.E. stated that he had made good head way with the task of taking levels, and he hoped to have all the necessary information ready in the course of another two or three weeks.

Mr Downward said he was prepared to do his utmost to ensure the success of the undertaking, and would arrange with the Minister to meet the deputation.

A vote of thanks to Mr. Downward and Mr. Sambell was carried by acclamation.


A VERY fine record was put up by the ladies responsible for the management of the fancy fair recently held in connection with the Frankston Football Accident Fund.

At a meeting of the committee on Wednesday night the financial result was announced.

Those present were: Mesdames C. Dalman, J. A. Cameron, and Scarborough, Misses D. Gregory (secretary), Gamble, and P. Twining, Messrs E. McComb and W. Crawford Young (treasurer).

The secretary read the balance sheet, which showed the gross receipts as £77/19/6, while the expenditure was only £7/1/11, leaving £70/15/7 to the credit of the fund.

Miss Gregory and Mrs Dalman, who did the “buying” in the city for the fair, were specially congratulated on the result.

Mr Parker (President of the Frankston Football Club) attended the meeting, and invited the ladies to consider the question of holding another fair later in the season in aid of the club funds.

It was decided to give further consideration to the proposal at a later date.

The case of the Frankston player, McGinisker (who had his leg broken in a practice match just prior to the opening of the season) was considered and it was decided to pay him £1 per week from the date of the accident to the present date, the payment of the doctor’s fees in connection therewith being also authorised.

The committee decided that future claims must be made through the club, the club’s executive to attach its recommendation to each member’s claim before submitting same for the consideration of the Accident Fund Committee.



Accompanied by a goodly following, Langwarrin visited Mornington last Saturday.

The first time they met Mornington defeated the black and whites by 110 points, but in the meantime the Magpies have improved greatly.

This time they were defeated by only 12 points.

The scores were:

Mornington, 6 goals 8 behinds; Langwarrin, 4 goals 8 behinds.

Mornington’s best were Davies, Bidgood, Biggs, Allison, and Garlick.

Parker, Upton, and Bond were very brilliant for the losers, but they were well-supported by Doctora (3 goals), Males, Dess, Upton, Bedcock, and Adderley.

The game was played with plenty of spirit, and was well umpired by McComb.


IN Memoriam

DARCEY – In loving memory of my dear husband, George Edgar, who passed away to a higher life, 2nd July, 1919.

I little thought when I kissed you goodbye,

We were parted for ever, you to die;

Could I, his wife, have clasped his hand,

The husband I loved so well,

Or pressed one kiss on his dying lips,

And whispered, “Dear George, Farewell!”

Inserted by his loving wife and children, Stanley and Winifred.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 2 July 1920

First published in the Mornington News – 7 July 2020


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