Something to smile about


BIG and small children are invited to help decorate Smiley the Snake as he clings onto the fence at Crib Point Community House.

Manager Mary Budd says next time children are out for a walk, using a permanent marker on a bright strip of material, they should write a short, positive or thank-you message and tie it onto Smiley’s body.

Ms Budd will take a picture every so often showing Smiley filling up and “keeping everyone smiling”.

“When you’re out for your walk take a moment to read these uplifting messages,” she said.

The community house’s art teacher, Phil Philippou, has been keeping students busy throughout this challenging time. He starts a painting which is then added to progressively by multiple artists who then arrange contactless handing over of the work to the next person to add their touches.

“A novel idea hey? More of these art works to come soon,” Ms Budd said.

AN example of the artworks being “progressively” produced by Crib Point Community House students.

First published in the Western Port News – 26 August 2020


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