Railway Commissioners visit to Frankston


ON Wednesday last the Railways Commissioners arrived at Frankston by special train on their annual tour of inspection.

They were met at the station by Cr F. H. Wells, and Mr H. Vicars, President of the Frankston Progress Association, and the secretary, Mr W. C, Young.

Cr Wells reminded the Commissioners of the necessity for a sub-way or some other method to connect Wells Street with Cranbourne Road, and specially referred to the notice recently posted in the vicinity warning the public that trespassers at that point would be prosecuted.

This, he contended, was contrary to a previous promise given that the public would be allowed to cross the line at their own risk.

Mr Norman, chairman, after consulting the plans prepared in connection with improvements about to be made at the Frankston Railway Station, stated that provision had been made for a sub-way at the Wells St entrance.

In the meantime, he allowed it to be inferred that the custom of the public in crossing the line would not be interfered with.

Cr Wells also urged that the goods shed be opened at 8am instead of 8.30 as at present.

Mr Norman replied that to do that would involve the appointment of an additional porter, and he thought that as these sheds were open continuously from 8.30am to 5pm the public were very well served.

Additional Morning Tram Promised Mr Vicars asked for an improved railway service, and suggested that trains at present running as far as to Carrum should be extended to Frankston.

Mr Norman replied that the line to Frankston would be electrified within 12 months, when the service would be much improved.

He could not recommend additional trains in the afternoon or evening, but was of the opinion that an additional train could be provided between 9.30am and 12.30pm. He believed it was necessary.

The Commissioners were heartily thanked, after which they left for Mornington and Stony Point.


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The Morwell Scheme

Letter To the Editor.


Your interesting article in “The Standard” August 20th, dealing with the immense value of the Morwell coal as a source of cheap power, does great credit to your paper.

Although the Lawson Ministry deserve praise for actually setting the work in hand, there is no excuse for the years of dallying with this great venture.

However, it can be surmised that it has taken every minute of the thirty years you mention to overcome the powerful influence of the interests in the various tinpot and expensive electric plants, which are spread about Melbourne, and it’s safe to conclude that at last National Progress is to receive consideration over Vested Interests.

The figures you give are very instructive, proving beyond doubt the immense value of the Morwell scheme to Victoria’s industrial life, for we have the whole of the essentials of a great producing and manufacturing State, except cheap power, and we have only to watch the papers to see that the State’s who are advancing most are those making the greatest use of natural power resources.

It is impossible to know at present the intention of the commissioners as to the way they intend to use the power for generating purposes, or whether fullest use is to be made of this gift of Providence.

Without doubt, coal is intended to be used by man for other purposes than simply burning it to produce heat, and I appeal to your readers to interest themselves in the matter of obtaining from the Morwell coal, not only cheap coal, but also the increased industrial benefits to be derived by the proper utilisation of the wealth of the by-products contained in the coal.

I am, &c.

CLAVIS. Seaford, August 25th.


A MEETING of the Frankston Football Accident Committee was held on Monday evening last.

Miss Dolly Gregory presided. Mrs C. Dalman, Miss Gamble, and Mr E. K. McComb were also present.

Recommendations were received from the Football Club for the payment of small amounts to various players who had been temporarily disabled, and the sum of £4 was passed to meet same.

An account for £10 10s for medical fees in connection with the serious accident to Mr McGinisker, early in the season, was also passed for payment.


Council Deadlock.

Following the unsuccessful attempt to hold the ordinary monthly, meeting of the shire council at Frankston last week, owing to the absence of a quorum, the Frankston and Seaford Riding councillors immediately waited on the Minister of Public Works, in Melbourne.

As the result of the interview, the councillors of the ridings named forthwith made a “call” of the council for Monday, 13th September, at Frankston, at 10.30am.

Notices to the above effect were posted to all the councillors on Friday, 3rd inst., with the intimation that any councillor failing to attend would be liable to a penalty of £20.

In accordance with a previous adjournment, councillors of the Frankston and Seaford Ridings met yesterday at Frankston, but the East and Centre Riding representatives did not attend, and a further adjourned until the “call” meeting at Frankston on Monday next was made.

It is stated that after receiving the “call” notice referred to the Centre Riding councillors issued a similar summons, requesting councillors to attend at Somerville on the same day as the Frankston date but half an hour earlier.

Frankston councillors are not treating this document seriously.

Fortified by the advice received on their recent visit to the Minister, they state they are confident that their position is correct.


FRANKSTON was visited this week by Sgt A. T. Leadbeater who will oppose the Hon A. Downward for the Mornington seat in the Legislative Assembly, the expectation being that the general elections for the State will take place on 14th Oct.

Sgt Leadbeater saw active service in the great war as a member of the 9th Light Horse, and on his return to Australia resumed his avocation as a farmer and agriculturalist.

Mr Leadbeater will stand as a Nationalist and supporter of the Lawson Government.


LAST Sunday night or early Monday morning a burglary was committed at the Peninsula Motor Garage Frankston.

The thieves departed with a quantity of motor car accessories.

Senr. Constable Bray, in company with city detectives last week arrested at Langwarrrin two young men who are suspected of being implicated in recent robberies in the district.

They will appear at the Frankston Court on Monday morning next.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 10 September 1920

First published in the Mornington News – 15 September 2020


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