Letters of regret


YOUNG hoons who ran amok at Sorrento Community Centre before Christmas have written letters of apology to the manager, Heather Barton.

“Acting Sergeant Steve Drew and his team have done a magnificent job … and have built up an ongoing story. There appears to be two separate groups of youths,” she said.

“He tracked down members of the group who harassed our board on 18 December and today we have received four separate letters of apology from them.”

On that occasion, a board member had a heart attack after an altercation with the hoons, with the doctor attributing it to stress caused by the incident.

“Within eight hours of new shade sails being installed over the skate park, four young people were running around on them – an action that has been fatal for kids elsewhere,” Ms Barton said. “When spoken to, their rude response was breathtaking.”

The community centre board’s chairman Shane McMahon said: “Not only is this behaviour highly dangerous, but it is also expensive and a real issue for us as a not-for-profit organisation focused on supporting people of all ages from our community.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 23 February 2021


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