Padua VCE results please principal


ELEVEN of the 276 VCE students at Padua College, Mornington received ATAR scores above 90. Five of the 11 were above 95 and the highest was 97.8.

College principal, Anthony Banks congratulated the class of 2019 and announced Ryan De Ruyter as dux of the school with an ATAR of 97.8.

“Congratulations also go to Monique Machin, who achieved the exceptional study score of 50 in outdoor education, and to her teacher Adam Cooper,” Mr Banks said.

Students who scored higher than 90 included Ryan De Ruyter, Ronan Pakai, Fintan Bowe, Isabella Shannon, Shannon Christodoulou, Marcus Schaper, Alana McShane, Lily Neal and Jennifer Quinlan.

Mr Banks said 63 VCE students received scores above 80 (23 per cent) and 120 students (43 per cent) were above 70.

“These VCE results are a measure of the success for our students and of the partnerships we have created with students and their families,” Mr banks said.

“At Padua College we provide so much more in terms of helping our young people become the best person they can be and hoping that they will be ready to make a positive impact on the world.

“Our true measure of success is how happy, resilient, faith filled and hopeful our students are when they leave the college.”

First published in the Mornington News – 17 December 2019


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