Life-changing program for cancer patients


john bloggsJOHN Bloggs’ life was turned upside down when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.

He was left feeling “lost” and unsure of the future after the cancer was removed and he was in remission.

On the advice of a dietician, Mr Bloggs joined five other participants in a seven-week cancer rehabilitation program run by Peninsula Health.

The program aims to improve quality of life, in particular the physical function, fatigue, stress or anxiety and diet of cancer survivors.

It includes exercise, education settings and self-management strategies.

“After I had received my treatment I felt cut off. It was more of a mental feeling than a physical one,” Mr Bloggs said.

“I knew I could exercise but I needed the strength of mind to help me push through it. The rehab program helped me to do this.

“It gave us the chance to become experts in our own disease. I needed to take control of the illness.”

Mr Bloggs said he and the other participants “learned about ourselves and became accepting”.

“I felt I recovered quickly after I embraced the program. I got my independence back, I felt more connected, I continued my yoga and meditation – something I did before I was diagnosed with cancer and, most importantly, I learnt to not overdo it.”

Cancer rehabilitation coordinator Anita Lloyd said most people completing the program felt motivated, paced themselves and managed fatigue.

“They coped better with stress, gained confidence to exercise regularly and ate better than when they started the program.

“The program showed us that many concerns cancer survivors had at the start of the program were addressed effectively and they continued to use the strategies, combined with regular exercise.”

The cancer rehabilitation program runs in Rosebud on Tuesdays and Fridays and in Frankston on Wednesdays and Fridays.

For details, call 1300 665 781.


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