Hunt on for sentimental brooch after Anzac ceremony


The Anzac ceremony at Mornington Memorial Park was a big event for a seven-year-old Girl Guide. Not only did she lay a wreath, but she was wearing a family brooch with great sentimental value.

After the wreath laying, and moving among the crowd, the brooch that was pinned to her sash came loose and fell onto the ground.

A frantic search was made to find the brooch, but to no avail.

Now the Mornington Tadpole Unit Guide Leader, Michelle Dawson, is asking for anyone at the service to recall if they may have seen the brooch, or possibly picked it up.

“This brooch holds sentimental value to the child as it belonged to her great grandmother who passed away very recently. She had worn it as a sign of respect for the day,” said Ms Dawson.

“As you can imagine she is very upset and our aim is to try and relocate it for her.”

“I know it may seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, but we do have hope in finding it. While we were looking, someone mentioned they had found a brooch and placed it on a chair. We are hoping that rather than leaving it unattended, someone involved in the ceremony has taken it for safe keeping.”

The brooch is an antique looking design in a heart shape with pink and white diamantes covering the heart. It is approx 65 years old. It is believed it was lost around 11.30am at the Barkley Street park.

“It’s a long shot but we Girl Guides are a determined lot!” said Ms Dawson.

Michelle Dawson can be contacted on 0400 462 532. Alternatively, if anyone has picked up the brooch, understanding its sentimental importance, it can be dropped into Mornington Police Station, or Mornington RSL.


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