A Girl Guide and her missing brooch reunited


A seven-year-old Girl Guide has been reunited with a family brooch after losing it at the Mornington Anzac ceremony.

The 65-year-old brooch holds great sentimental value as it belonged to her great grandmother who passed away very recently. She had worn it as a sign of respect for the day.

After it was discovered to have fallen off, a frantic search failed to locate the brooch. On Sunday, Mornington Tadpole Unit Guide Leader, Michelle Dawson, turned to the media for help.

After posting it up on Mornington Peninsula News Group’s Facebook page last night, the post reached over 25,000 people.

Ms Dawson then received a call today from a dad whose daughter had picked up the brooch.

The brooch was returned to Ms Dawson, and had been returned to the young girl.

“She is smiling once again,” said Ms Dawson.

“We’d like to thank all those people who worked hard spreading the word which ultimately found the brooch”.

“We’d also like to say a huge thanks to the dad and daughter who handed it in. We didn’t get their contact details, but we’d like them to know that a young Guide and her family are extremely happy.”




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