Kinder grant


LITTLE Tommies Early Learning Centre will be built in Mt Eliza as part of a state government $50 million investment in the early childhood sector.

Eastern Victoria MP Daniel Mulino said $650,000 would be spent on the stand-alone facility at St Thomas More School, Canadian Bay Rd.

The centre will provide 44 funded kindergarten places as well as 44 three-year-old places.

“This grant will help give Mt Eliza families flexible, accessible and affordable early learning and care services,” Mr Mulino said. “The facility will foster supportive relationships for the wider community. It will offer opportunities for community learning and allow for relationships between the community and the school to be forged at an earlier time.”

He said improved ratios would allow more one-on-one time for each child and add value to the time they spend at kindergarten before school.

First published in the Mornington News – 15 December 2015


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