Govt to ‘clear’ mobile black spots


AFTER years of frustration it seems the calls for better mobile phone reception at Red Hill and Shoreham have finally been heard.

Flinders MP Greg Hunt is “delighted” that money needed to improve telecommunications in the two areas will be available if the Coalition government is re-elected at the 2 July federal poll.

Mr Hunt, who holds Flinders for the Liberals with a more than 11 per cent margin, is competing against five other candidates: Yvonne gentle (Rise Up Australia Party), Shane Lewis (independent), Willisa Hogarth (The Greens), Carolyn Gleixner (Labor) and Ben Wild (Animal Justice Party).

Mr Hunt said a re-elected Turnbull government would spend an extra $60 million to clear up mobile black spots.

“Many residents from these areas [Shoreham and Red Hill] have approached me about inadequate or practically non-existent mobile reception and this commitment will provide enhanced coverage for these townships,” Mr Hunt said.

“This improved coverage will provide benefits to emergency service operators, businesses, and local residents.”

He said the government had already spent $160m on mobile black spots.

“These locations have been selected for new base stations as they have been overlooked by mobile network operators due to commercial factors,” Mr Hunt said. “The Coalition is committed to improving mobile coverage along major transport routes, in small communities and … areas with high seasonal demand.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 21 June 2016


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