Pokies update


A REVISED framework for controlling the use and number of gaming machines and minimising harm to the community on the Mornington Peninsula was adopted by council on Monday.

A report by the social planning and development department revealed $79,400,240 was lost through the 821 poker machines in the shire during 2014/2015, with the daily loss rate being $217,535.

The report found that although gambling is recognised as a “legitimate leisure and entertainment activity”, it acknowledged the potential for financial and social harm.

The new Responsible Electronic Gaming Machine policy aims to encourage responsible gaming by guiding council’s decisions on the location and design of gaming venues.

The policy updates the 2001 document and the results of the outcome of the exhibition of the background paper and draft strategy and action plan 2007.

In the report, author and acting team leader Kathy Heffernan noted the financial contribution that gaming venues make to the community, but accepted that council had a role in protecting the shire’s vulnerable communities from the detrimental impacts of gambling through a “health and wellbeing” approach.

The draft policy will be available for public comment for four weeks.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 21 June 2016


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