Cops’ spray ends wild night out


POLICE capsicum sprayed an abusive young woman, as well as an intoxicated man who “fronted up” to police, during a wild night in Mornington early last week.

Another woman, 19, was among a group of revellers in their late teens and early 20s arrested for drunken behaviour after milling crowds spilled out of Main St hotels and bars early Sunday morning, 15 January.

The five offenders were locked up for four hours before being released with $622 penalty notices.

Acting Senior Sergeant Chris Stock, of Mornington police, said ambulance crews treated the woman at the scene for 45 minutes after she was sprayed, and then helped the sprayed man.

“It was a public order issue,” he said. “They threatened our members and were locked up for being drunk in a public place.”

Weekend revellers milling around and “testing the patience” of police are becoming commonplace in Main St’s hotel zone. “They give a bit of lip and try to get away with it, but having police there early in the piece stops them from assaulting others,” Acting Senior Sergeant Stock said.

“It’s happening a lot; it’s a mix of alcohol, kids and testosterone.”

First published in the Mornington News – 24 January 2017


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