Smoking banned


A BAN on smoking in all commercial outdoor dining areas in Victoria came into effect last Tuesday, 1 August.

The ban covers all restaurants, cafes, takeaway shops and licensed premises, including beer gardens, courtyards and footpath dining where food other than snacks is served.

The ban applies to food fairs and organised outdoor events such as street and community festivals, school fetes, sporting events and craft markets with food stalls.

People caught smoking in an outdoor dining area face a $159 fine, with a maximum court-ordered penalty of $793.

Businesses face fines of $793, with a maximum court-ordered penalty of $7924. Businesses also risk the same fine for failing to display “No smoking” signs.

Mornington Peninsula Shire mayor Cr Bev Colomb welcomed the new law.

“Smoke-free dining will protect people from secondhand smoke, and make the peninsula’s diverse and unique dining culture better for all to enjoy,” she said.

The shire’s manager of environment protection, John Rankine, said two of his officers had attended training.

“Shire environmental health officers will conduct educational visits at weekend markets and events,” he said.

Many sports clubs in the region signed up to be smoke-free this year with Mornington Peninsula Junior Football League leading the way after signing up more than a year ago.

Visit the state government website:

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 8 August 2017


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