Drinkers made to toe red line


IT’S not obvious to patrons, but a red line on a planning permit shows just where (and sometimes when) alcohol can be consumed at outlets throughout the Mornington Peninsula.

A bid to extend the red line to include building extensions and two paths at the 19 hectare Mantons Creek Winery, Shoreham, has been knocked by the shire’s planning services committee.

Despite planning services team leader Clydie Brewer’s assurances that moving the red line at the Tucks Rd property met all planning and legislative criteria, councillors agreed that it did not meet “objectives and decision guidelines” in the shire’s planning scheme.

The land is within the Green Wedge zone

“This is a victory for the people. I want to protect the amenity of the neighbours,” Cr David Gill told The News after the Monday 14 August decision.

He said councillors had been shown photographs and wedding marques erected on the property.

Cr Gill said many businesses wanted to extend their red line drinking areas.

He said Mantons Creek had made additions to existing buildings and then sought to move them within the red line.

In her report to the planning services committee Ms Brewer said objectors to moving the red line feared there would be an increase in noise and a precedent set by “encouraging uses in the area that are not suited to rural values”.

However, Ms Brewer saw the change “to be a minor extension to the existing red line area and will be contained to the existing built form on site”.

She said there would be no change to the number of patrons or operating hours.

“It is considered that the extended licensed area is appropriately sited as it is situated within an area that has been established for the sale and consumption of liquor.”

Ms Brewer believed permit conditions would prevent any nuisance.

First published in the Western Port News – 22 August 2017


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