All quiet on Labor front for Flinders


THE Labor party is yet to name its candidate for Flinders in the May federal election.

Last week news broke that Tracee Hutchison would contest the seat held by Liberal Greg Hunt since 2001.

But this week the Rosebud born broadcaster and journalist said she would not be a candidate.

“There’s been much speculation over this past week about my reported foray into federal politics, unfortunately none of it has come from me and the story in your article [“Hunt under pressure of coup fallout” 5/2/19] about me being the Labor candidate is incorrect,” Ms Hutchison told The News.

The article mainly dealt with the candidature of former Liberal and still MP for Chisholm Julia Banks, and her reasons for wanting to oust Mr Hunt.

“While it is true I have given this [standing for Flinders] serious consideration, and been flooded with local support and encouragement to run, I won’t be contesting the ALP pre-selection for the federal seat of Flinders,” Ms Hutchison stated in an email to The News

“A long career in journalism and broadcasting also means I’ve seen the impact of these decisions on those you love the most and this is just not the right time for me, or my family, to take this on.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 12 February 2019