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Bigger picture: Western Port Secondary College students lapped up their visit to Richmond Football Club. Picture: Supplied

WESTERN Port Secondary College and Richmond Football Club on the surface seem unlikely to share many similarities. However, they both offer innovative pathways and programs to students and share similar educational values that impact on those who study there.

The college students visited the football club recently to see how their program worked and watch the players train.

They saw how the Richmond Institute of Sports Leadership (RISL) offers its students a dual diploma that not only develops athletic and leadership capabilities, but also has a strong focus on their character, resilience and confidence.

Similarly, the college offers a variety of programs and pathways designed to support and enhance students’ educational outcomes, as well as promoting social and emotional growth.

The college’s years 7-9 students can develop their leadership and sporting skills through a range of programs, including the Leaders in Training Program (LIT) pathway. This caters to budding athletes who have a passion for sport and wish to develop their overall fitness skills and leadership qualities.

The students visit local primary schools and community groups to develop and gain leadership experience on and off the sporting field. The YES academic extension stream is designed to promote academic excellence for students in years 7-9 and allows them to learn skills that prepare them for VCE. The YES students also become involved in a range of leadership opportunities and represent the college at community and school events.

The college’s year 9 students participate in an exciting program called Project 9 which, for many, is a highlight of the year.

The year can be difficult for many students who have trouble staying motivated, and Project 9 keeps them engaged by providing opportunities to form connections and learn about safety, diversity and future pathways. The students form tribes and take part in exciting activities each Friday.

Selected year 9 and 10 students can take part in the Monash Champions program, where mentor students from Monash University guide them through various projects, nurturing and developing their leadership skills along the way.

The college puts on a production each year, with opportunities for students to get involved in performing on stage or in the band, being part of the backstage crew or learning to operate the lighting and sound desk.

Each year the production is becoming more professional, and many students develop a keen interest in the different facets of performance and musical theatre.

Western Port Secondary College’s programs and pathways offer a variety of leadership opportunities to students, such as the dual diploma with the Richmond Football Club.

This is one way in which the school is developing its programs to keep students engaged, focused and prepared for their future.

With year 10 student Elizabeth Dowler

First published in the Western Port News – 17 July 2019


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