Shire to tackle wastewater woes


MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire Council’s recently adopted Wastewater Management Plan 2018-2023 aims to address the “environmental and public health risks posed by residential and commercial wastewater on the peninsula”.

The term wastewater covers liquid waste from toilets, kitchen sinks, showers and basins. The peninsula’s environment is especially affected by wastewater because of the high number of properties serviced by septic tanks. In these cases, householders are responsible for installing and maintaining their own treatment systems. 

“The shire has the highest number of septic systems of any Victorian council, leaving over 22,000 properties across the peninsula without reticulated sewerage,” the mayor Cr David Gill said.

“Many of these systems were approved decades ago and are discharging bacteria and other contaminants into groundwater and waterways.

“Poorly maintained wastewater systems at commercial premises also contribute to contaminating local waterways.”

Cr Gill said the Wastewater Management Plan, which received input from environment groups and the wastewater industry, aims to minimise wastewater impacts to the environment, protect public health, foster strategies to manage wastewater, and provide for coordinated wastewater planning and services by council and waste water users.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 8 January 2019


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