‘Model’ student Hayley steps in right direction


All heart: Hayley Dawn demonstrates the functions of her prize-winning mannequin. Picture: Gary Sissons

A WIN in this year’s Science Talent Search run by the Science Teachers’ Association of Victoria shows Hayley Dawn is on the right track to achieving her dream of becoming a doctor.

Hayley, 8, a year 2 student at Peninsula Grammar, won a major bursary award with a model of a human heart in a life-sized mannequin. The plastic and rubber mannequin has organs made of stockings and heart chambers of foam rubber, which show oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood as blue and red water. By squeezing the heart, “blood” can be pumped around the model.

The judges praised Hayley’s high level of knowledge of the workings of the heart and its various valves and her accompanying 1000-word essay.

“I felt proud and happy to win the award,” said Hayley, who wants to specialise as a paediatrician because “it’s a great job helping other people”.

Mum Abigail added: “Hayley is the first student to be awarded the major bursary award, signalling the magnitude of the achievement.

“The project took her about 30 hours over 12 weeks – during which I didn’t have the use of my dining table.

“But, as you can imagine, we are very proud of Hayley.”

Hayley and other winners will go to a presentation and exhibition at La Trobe University.

First published in the Mornington News – 15 October 2019


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