Dignity vending machine at Hastings Hub


Caring, considerate: Woolworths staff members Tomasz Grabrowski and Steph Long with Hastings Community Hub events co-ordinator Bek Mantell and Share the Dignity volunteer Pauline Bignell. Picture: Supplied

A DIGNITY Vending Machine at Hastings Community Hub will offer “dignity” to women in need.

The machines, known as Pinkboxes, dispense period packs allowing girls and women access to free sanitary products to manage their period.

Organiser Share the Dignity formed a partnership in March with Woolworths to help women who experience what’s described a “period poverty” each month – meaning they are unable to afford necessary sanitary products. Since then, Woolworths has donated five cents from every pack sold, including pads, tampons, liners or period briefs, across its stores nationally.

Funds donated will buy 30 new Pinkbox Dignity Vending Machines across Australia.

Hastings Community Hub events co-ordinator Bek Mantell said: “We have had so many people use this amazing addition to the Hastings Hub and comment on how fantastic the initiative is. It was restocked within two weeks of installation. It is great to have this service available to clients using the facilities”.

Woolworths Hastings store manager Kris Tatt said: “We know that small dignities can make a big difference and we are so pleased to have been able to work with Share the Dignity to fund the Pinkbox at Hastings Hub to help local women in need.”

Share the Dignity volunteer Pauline Bignell added: “At Share the Dignity we believe that access to pads and tampons is a right, not a privilege, and that no woman should ever have to choose between eating and living with dignity.

“This is where our wonderful Pinkboxes can make such a difference in a girl or woman’s life and make managing their period one less thing that they have to worry about.”

First published in the Western Port News – 6 November 2019


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