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A ROSEBUD man is contemplating life without his licence for a minimum of 12 months after he appears at court and also the loss of his red SS Commodore for the next month.

Members of the Somerville highway patrol detected his car on mobile radar travelling at 171kph in the 80kph zone on Old Cape Schanck Road, 5.20pm, Wednesday 12 August.

When intercepted and asked why he was going so fast the 35-year-old said he was “in a really good mood and the music was playing”.

Police said his mood changed when he was told his car would be impounded and that he would be summonsed to appear at court for travelling at a dangerous speed. After allegedly punching his car in anger multiple times he began walking towards home.

Senior Constable Steve Newland said: “Old Cape Schanck Road is one of the 38 Mornington Peninsula roads we regularly patrol to enforce the reduced 80kph speed limits introduced earlier this year.

“Even if the limit had been 100, this bloke would still have been 71 kilometres and hour over. It’s a ridiculous speed and he’ll now pay the price for doing it.”

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 18 August 2020


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