Football protest put down by Somerville skipper


After Somerville so narrowly missed victory on Saturday last, there were some of Somerville’s enthusiasts who thought that Somerville ought to lodge a protest against Frankston playing its one-time skipper, Bill Cain.

Somerville alleged that it was an injustice to include one who had not played three qualifying games, as they allege that Cain played only two games – one against Dromana on May 21st and one against Somerville on August 14th.

Despite the majority desiring to protest, the Somerville skipper, Hutchison, was strongly against it.

“No. I’ll not sign any protests.” he remarked, when questioned by the writer.

To the writer’s viewpoint, Hutchison’s sporting spirit was too strong to permit his signing the protest, and yet Somerville would be acting rightly if the charge against Cain was proved to be correct.

Frankston denies the charge.

Somerville sports remarked that if Cain was eligible on the two games, as they allege, Somerville would have been justified in playing Percy Thornell, who had only played two senior games.

Be that as it may, Somerville goes out—creditably.

Whilst discussing the subject, it may not be out of place to chronicle the fact that one Somerville supporter assured me that be had a note from Cain, in black and white, admitting ineligibility.

It has been remarked here that no such letter exists.

If these notes come under the optics of that sport, will he post it to me, if he has it, to print in these notes?

Another discomfiture to some Frankston sports was the including of George Patterson at the last moment when he had not been selected, in Major Condor’s place, in preference to Eric McComb, who had been selected as first of the emergencies.

There may be something in it. But we recorded the fact some weeks previously that most likely Patterson would be available for the semi-final and final matches.

After Somerville’s defeat, the Frankston skipper, McCulloch, congratulated Somerville’s skipper, Hutchison, on the remarkable game Somerville played.

Pleased as he was, McCulloch was sufficiently imbued with the sporting spirit to acknowledge the gallant fight the Somerville stalwarts had fought.

“You played all over us in the last term,” he admitted to Hutchison, who returned compliments by a hearty hand shake.


THERE are 15,456 electors on the roll for Mornington electorate as against 14,722 in 1917.


MESSRS J. Wigg (hotel keeper, Brocklesby, NS.W.), J. Flannagan (storekeeper of Tocumwal), and W. Walker (storekeeper, Kiewa, Vic) recently purchased four fine allotments each at Frankston.

They propose erecting bungalows on the blocks.


TWO of Melbourne’s leading barristers visited Frankston last week. One has his eye on property here.


MR M. A. James, late of the Imperial Army, has started a plumber’s business at Playne Street, Frankston.

Mr James has an announcement in this issue.


THE annual meeting of the Frankston Athletic Club will held at the Mechanics’ Institute on Monday night next, and all interested are invited to attend.


MR J. J. Powell announces in this issue that he has commenced business as watch maker, etc. at Frankston, and advises that orders may be left at his private residence.


ON August 13th, Mr J. B. Jolly, late of Frankston, having completed 17 years with the Vacuum Oil Co Ltd, was presented by the directors with 100 shares (valued at £10 10s each) in the company.


MR W. R. Angus, of Eldorado, has purchased two allotments in Finley Street, Frankston and proposes to erect a summer residence thereon.


MR William Kemp’s modern home on Melbourne Road, Frankston, has been commenced.


IT is rumoured that one of Frankston’s best businesses has changed hands at a satisfactory figure.


A BIG clearing sale of cattle, horses, and implements takes place on Monday, Sept 6 at Mr Lush’s, Seaford – see advt.


NEXT Friday night, in the Mechanics’ Hall, the scholars of the Frankston State School are giving a concert and variety entertainment.

A large audience is expected.

The programme includes Brahe’s cantata, “The Magic Wood.”


THE principal trees planted at the Frankston State School on Arbor Day were: – Three Albies Douglasii, three Picea Fraserii, one Cedrus Atlanitica, six Cedrus Deodaan, two Eriobotyara, 15. Eucalyptus Ficifolia, and the following Acacias – 34 Pyenantha, 12 Baileyana, 12 Spectabalis, six Melanoxylon, two Phoenix Canariensis, one Chamaerops, four Olives, eight Bougainvilleias and 10 Holly.


THE late Mr Edward H. Thoraberg, late boniface of the isle of Wight Hotel, Cowes, who died recently, left £12,865 to friends.


“YOU Can’t Have Everything” is the Frankston Band feature for Saturday night.

Kathryn Williams, Sylvia Breamer, Elliott Dexter, Theodore Roberts, Wanda Hawley and Tully Marshall are part of the cast.


A Welcome Citizen

We extract the following from the Essendon “Gazette”:

Last week a number of friends farewelled Mr Milner Macmaster prior to his departure for Frankston, where he proposes to interest himself in land.

In Essendon. Mr Macmaster was an active member of the Horticultural and Literary Societies, but was best known as President of the North Essendon Progress Association.

The association originated in the fight for the Keilor Road School, Victory crowned their efforts, and the fine building erected by the Education Department has just been opened.

During the years of Mr Macmaster’s presidency the Association had the satisfaction of seeing two fine parks presented to the council, of erecting a shelter shed, of making countless minor improvements, and of seeing the district advance by leaps and bounds.

Mr Macmaster has been interested in land and journalism for very many years, and in exceptionally wide connection with the press in four of the six States gives him an almost unique opportunity to call attention to the needs and attractions of the district in which he resides.

Mr Macmaster’s removal to Frankston is primarily due to family reasons.

Mrs Macmaster organised a branch of the Red Cross in her own home, and Miss Dorothea Macmaster is a well known pianiste whose recitals have been very successful.”

We welcome Mr Macmaster to our district. A business announcement from Mr Macmaster appears elsewhere.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 27 August 1920

First published in the Mornington News – 1 September 2020


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