It’s all right, tough guys read


THE only rule of the Tough Guy Book Club is that you do not talk about it.

Described as a “fight club for your mind” the club is a “modern meeting place for guys of all walks of life to get together once a month to discuss not just the works of literary greats, but any and all of the issues that men tackle daily”.

The inaugural meeting of the Mornington Tough Guy Book Club is 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday 4 November) at The Royal, 770 Esplanade, Mornington.

Under discussion is Fahrenheit 451, a book by Ray Bradbury: the dystopian novel about a future American society where books are outlawed, and “firemen” burn any books they find.

Book club founder Shay Leighton said members would aim to discuss the themes and topics arising from the previous month’s reading.

“The Tough Guy thing is more a theme than anything,” he said. “Mostly we read books by tough guys, rather than as tough guys. The books we choose are guided by a loose central theme of masculinity.”

Mr Leighton said there was no need to buy a new copy of the current month’s book as they could be borrowed from a library or bought from a second hand book shop.

“The important thing is to come along for a chat, even if the book isn’t finished,” he said.

Tough Guy Book Club was a chance to share thoughts, meet others and “foster a community of reading and good old fashioned chat”.

“If you have ever wanted to read more, here is that chance,” Mr Leighton said.


First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 3 November 2020


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