Welcome mat rolls out for bees


Busy bees: South Mornington Pre-School’s Natasha Beimers and students are laying the ground work for a pollination garden for blue-banded bees. Image: Supplied

SOUTH Mornington Pre-School will use $4219 from the state government to build a pollination garden for blue-banded bees.

Education leader Natasha Beimers said the pre-school was one of 113 schools and youth organisations to receive a Victorian Junior Landcare and Biodiversity grant.

Ms Beimers said blue-banded bees used to visit the pre-school “many years ago”. “One of our educators remembers the children’s fascination with the little bees, especially their striking colours and the interesting ways they would move their bodies – buzz pollination – to encourage flowers to release pollen.”

Although the bees haven’t visited the pre-school for some time that may soon change. “A big part of the curriculum is around the importance of biodiversity and conservation, with the kinder having one of the longest running bush kinder programs on the peninsula,” Ms Beimers said.

The pre-school will work with the nearby men’s shed and native nursery to improve biodiversity within the outdoor space. This will better support native wildlife, including the bees, possums, tawny frogmouths and birds and insects.

“By using the grant to improve our biodiversity, we hope to support our local flora and fauna and, in the process, instil in our students a love of the environment,” Ms Beimers said.

Details of the pre-school’s 2021 enrolment and programs at southmorningtonpreschool.com.au

First published in the Mornington News – 24 November 2020


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