Bowls club formed in Frankston


THE public meeting held at Frankston last Tuesday night for the purpose of considering the matter of forming a bowling club, established the fact that a good deal of enthusiasm underlies the movement.

The shire president (Cr W. P. Mason) explained that he had convened the meeting by request, and it gave him considerable pleasure in so doing.

A bowling green would, he was sure, prove a great asset to the town, and attract visitors from all parts of the State.

It was unanimously resolved on the motion of Mr Milner Macmaster, seconded by Mr E. J. Parker, that a bowling club be established.

Mr Macmaster was appointed secretary.

The question of site caused consider able discussion. Mr T. J. McMurtrie gave valuable expert information relating to the laying down of greens and said that the cost would vary a great deal in accordance with the suitability or otherwise of the site.

He considered the reserve near the tennis court as being a site admirably  adapted in every way for a bowling green.

He was supported in this by Mr W. Bell, an experienced bowler, and Messrs Dalman, Jennings and others agreed.

Cr. Oates and Mr S. Lawrey thought there might be difficulty in the way of securing the reserve referred to, and it was ultimately decided on the motion of Mr W. C. Young to appoint a committee consisting of Messrs BelI, McMurtrie and Macmaster to meet the shire president and Cr Oates and inspect the reserve on Mornington Road, and report at a further meeting to be held on Wednesday, 16th inst.


IT was with the deepest regret that the sad news of Mr Clement Renard’s untimely death was recently received in Hastings.

His strong personality combined with exceptional business ability, had gained for him many friends and universal respect in this district, where it is felt that it will be long before his place is filled.

By the fruitgrowers especially, his loss will be keenly felt, as he was untiring in his efforts to promote their interests, and to him is due a very large part of the credit of pushing on so rapidly the erection of the fine Cool Store which is proving such a boon to the growers.

The sympathy of the community in general is extended to his widow in her sad bereavement.


ON Friday and Saturday the 26th and 27th November, the annual bazaar and sale of gifts was held in the Town Hall, under the auspices of Holy Trinity Ladies’ Guild, and was, in spite of the closing night being very wet, the most successful yet held, the takings totalling about £72.

Among the many well stocked stalls one of the most attractive was the produce stall, with its plentiful supply of lovely fresh fruit and vegetables.

Needless to say the ladies in charge were kept fully occupied attending to the wants of their numerous customers.


HARRY Lord, of Carrum, appeared at the Frankston Police Court last Monday, before Messrs C. G. V. Williams (chairman), C. Grant and Giles, J’s.P, to answer a charge of failing to register the birth of his child within the time specified by law.

The defendant produced a document purporting to be an affidavit taken before the registrar, Miss McGowan, and on the face of it the Bench decided to dismiss the charge.

Senior-Constable Bray, who appeared to prosecute, contended the Registrar should be present to verify her signature.

The chairman said inquiries could he made, and in the event of the document not proving what it appeared to be, the police could take further action.

The name of Mr Giles, J.P was then called and that gentleman stepped down from the Bench to enter the witness box, and explain why he had not had his child, born in March last, duly vaccinated.

Mr Giles explained at some length, but he was fined 10/- all the same.


THE Mornington Races on Tuesday last was largely attended The Mornington Handicap was won by the Flemington trainer, J. Accola, with Tulkara, second place being filled by J. Curr’s Linass, who was ridden by W Duncan.


ON Tuesday last an aeroplane might have been noticed flying in the direction of Mornington.

It was merely Melbourne’s greatest bookmaker, Mr. Wallace Mitchell, flying to the Mornington races.

He recently visited Randwick in the same style.


DURING the Xmas holidays the New South Wales baseballers will visit Frankston and Mornington in char-a-bancs.

The trip will take place on Sunday, and they will be accompanied by representative Victorian players.


ON Saturday, December 18th, the Presbyterian Church, Frankston, will hold a Xmas Fair in the Mechanics’ Institute.

All sorts of novelties have been arranged, and during the evening the Frankston Brass Band will be present.

The kiddies will also have the opportunity of meeting Father Xmas.

The proceeds are in aid of the Presbyterian Church, which is to be erected at Frankston shortly.


ACCORDING to reports, Mr. Walter Schultz, of Mt. Eliza, who recently sold the Pier Hotel, Frankston, to Mr. E. J. Parker, licensee of the Bay View Hotel, Frankston, for £6500, has sold his orchard at Mt. Eliza to Mr. Thomas, who comes from “Sunraysia,” Mildura.

Mr. and Mrs. Schultz propose visiting Egypt, Shanghai, Honolulu, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.

After visiting California’s capital, they will visit Mr. Schultz’s birth-place in Nicaragua, the largest republic in Central America.


DROMANA, like every district throughout the country, sent its quota to Europe to fight the cause of the Empire.

Some returned, but unfortunately, many did not, and to honour these the Dromana people have erected Soldiers’ Memorial Club Rooms.

These were recently opened by Colonel Farr in the absence of the State Commandant. Mr. J. Lemmon, M.L.A., and Major Corder assisted at the opening service.

Next Saturday the Tyabb Soldiers’ Memorial will be unveiled by Brigadier-General (Pompey) Elliott, who is one of Victoria’s representatives in the Senate.


IN the course of time, no doubt, Mr. J. Bradbury has received many flattering testimonies regarding the charming interior of The Fernery, on Mornington Road, Frankston, and there is not the slightest doubt these complimentaries were thoroughly deserved.

The Fernery is situated in a charming locality – the ti tree on the cliffs appear, viewed from the beach, to lay right over it, whilst the charmingly arranged tables, amidst a wealth of greenery and fernery, make it one of the finest lounges in the State.

Mr. Bradbury has now erected a refrigerating plant at the Fernery, and is supplying the Peninsula with ice.

This is a commendable enterprise, and we will have more to say about it next issue.


FROM the pages of the Mornington Standard, 10 December 1920

First published in the Mornington News – 15 December 2020


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