Recycling apathy


MORNINGTON Peninsula Shire’s aim of introducing an effective recycling policy is being hampered by apathy, experts say. Some residents are unsure of what can and can’t be recycled, while others couldn’t care less what goes into their bin as long as they get rid of it. As a result, contaminated recycling rates on the peninsula are 5 per cent higher than the state average.

Birte Molier, of Waste Wise Peninsula, supports the shire’s efforts to introduce a three-strike process. “If residents continue to deliberately and significantly contaminate their recycling bin, they will receive official notices or warnings and eventually get fined,” she said.

“They may even have their bins suspended for a little while if all of the above does not help.” She noted there were “differing views on this aspect”.

“As well as the new policy, the shire will ensure residents have the information they need to get recycling right in line with the changing nature of what can and can’t be recycled,” she said.

Residents and organisations are invited to complete the council’s survey and attend an online drop-in session.

To complete the survey visit

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 22 December 2020


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