Fines on water


WATER Police issued about 20 infringements to boaties and jet-ski riders during Operation Southend in the lead-up to Christmas.

The operation ran Saturday 19 to Sunday 20 December and aimed to curb dangerous behaviour and prevent serious marine incidents from Mount Martha to Sorrento.

Despite fewer craft being out on the water because of the poor weather, police said they were “concerned to see more than 20 vessels receive fines for speeding and not wearing lifejackets”, among other offences.

Water Police Sergeant Dave McHenry said: “Overall we saw good behaviour from a lot of boaties and PWC users. That said, it is disappointing to see the message about safety still not getting through for some people: boats and jet-skis are not toys, they are incredibly dangerous when used recklessly.

“Everyone wants to be able to enjoy themselves and not become involved in a potentially devastating marine incident. This summer we don’t want to see any family having to deal with the consequences of carelessness or dangerous behaviour on the water.”

Overall, police conducted 165 boat and 17 jet-ski inspections and issued 28 warnings for safety equipment breaches. “Most people are making the right choices to stay safe and carry appropriate safety equipment,” Sergeant McHenry said.

Police said they would continue patrols to ensure that speeding and distance rules for both vessels and jet-skis are followed.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 12 January 2021


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