Sea the influence


WENDI Seymour lives by the sea and finds it as a great inspiration for her art.

Appropriately, her exhibition which opened on Sunday (16 January) is titled At Sea and features her sometimes whimsical view of life in the waters that cover most of the planet.

Before coming under the spell of the sea, Seymour was influenced by such artists as E H Shepard, Aubrey Beardsley and Ronald Searle.

“After that, every artist I meet inspires me,” she said.

“While looking out to sea, I love to scan the horizon, always hopeful of spotting a whale or a least a blow from the water, the fins of leaping dolphins or the lazy flipper of a seal. And of course, I play with my inner child and I always imagine mermaids.”

Seymour is pictured with Myth of the Sea, a painting featuring a pearl-wearing mermaid, weedy sea dragons, octopus and seaweeds.

“Her presence is calm and serene in the churning movement of the water and her eyes find yours as if she’s invited you, and you alone to see her at sea,” Seymour said.

At Sea runs until 2 February at Southern Bouy Studios, 1/19 Carbine Way, Mornington, phone 0401 062 222.

First published in the Mornington News – 19 January 2021


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