Peninsula wineries join online sales guide


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AN online wine directory was launched last week to help consumers “find their perfect local wine based on their taste preferences”.

Behind the Vines links lets wine buyers take a virtual tour of wineries throughout the state and then order straight from their chosen producer.

The state is said to have more 21 wine regions, but for these online sales the Mornington Peninsula is classified as being part of Pinot Coast, one of “Victoria’s Five Wine Pillars”.

Orders and information about wineries can be “filtered” by choosing type of wine (red, white, rose, sparkling, sweet or “any”); taste (delicate through to full bodied); region (choose one of the “five pillars” or “anywhere”); and winery facilities (food, sustainable, luxury accessible, pets).

The Wines Victoria website encourages physical visits to the wineries as well as offering online sales. The site offers travel times and can be used to make itineraries with maps.

“Our state has so much to offer but there has never been a simple, one-stop-shop for people to visit and connect with new or favourite producers,” Wine Victoria Angie Bradbury said.

“Many of our fantastic wineries rely heavily on tourism and the hospitality sector, so 2020 was an incredibly difficult year. Behind the Vines will enable people to explore the outstanding premium wines Victoria has to offer.”

Behind the Vines was financed by Global Victoria, the state government’s “premier trade facilitation agency and gateway to global economies and communities”.

Agriculture Minister Mary-Anne Thomas said Victorian wine “is the best in the world” and the website would enable customers to “support their favourite wineries and discover new ones”.

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 23 February 2021


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