Fire calls over Boes Rd burn


UNSEASONABLY hot weather and north winds over the weekend had everyone alert for fires in the Western Port region.

The sight of a large grass fire in Boes Rd, Tyabb, between Graydens and Mornington-Tyabb roads, Sunday, prompted several calls from residents to Tyabb and Hastings CFA brigades, but the controlled burn was deemed safe by fire crews.

Some were worried that the fire was unsupervised; others that it was out of control. Others called in simply to check that nothing was amiss.

An appreciative Tyabb captain Stephen Birkinshaw said the fire “looked a bit larger than it was” but did not require CFA attention.

He was pleased people took the trouble to call in. “It is a timely reflection on the community that people call to tell us about fires, especially with the approaching fire season almost upon us,” he said.

Advice from Mornington Peninsula Shire is that burning-off restrictions on properties less than 1500 square metres will be eased this month. Residents can burn off to ready their properties for the hot weather.

Shire fire prevention officer Damien Taylor said the easing of restrictions would assist owners of smaller properties to reduce fine fuel loads.

Landowners should follow general fire safety rules, including giving notice to adjoining landowners/occupiers 24 hours prior to the burn, calling 1800 668 511 at least two hours prior to log the fire with CFA, and establishing a fire break of three metres cleared of all flammable material.

Landowners should ensure the fire is supervised by an adult at all times, that there is sufficient fire protection equipment on hand, that vegetation being burnt is dead and dry prior to lighting, and that the fire site wind speed is not more than 20 kilometres per hour.

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First published in the Western Port News – 6 October 2015


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