Different approach to refugee freedom push


Hope for change: The Freedom Birds packages. Picture: Supplied

SOUTHERN Peninsula Grandmothers for Refugees are sending freedom birds in packages to the MPs in Canberra.

This is a different approach while still reminding our politicians of their responsibilities towards asylum seekers and refugees, the group says.

“It is over six years that most of the refugees in off-shore detention [centres] have survived the incredibly harsh treatments and the difficult environments,” member Anne Renkin said.

“And there is still no hope of a safe future for them. Our freedom birds represent hope and justice for refugees.”

The group says the federal Medivac legislation was also being challenged by the government “although seeming to work very well without threat to our security”.

A rally supporting the Medivac legislation was planned to be held Saturday 9 November in front of the State Library.

“We think it is well and truly time for the government to change these cruel policies and practices towards refugees and to work towards finding safe places for these people, such as New Zealand,” Ms Renkin said.

The group’s name change signals that most children are out of detention but there are many refugees under Australian Government jurisdictions who face detention, family separation, slow processing and no hope for the future, Ms Renkin said.

First published in the Western Port Times – 13 November 2019


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