La Nina’s stormy outlook


HIGH velocity storms, frequent heavy rain and gushing stormwater in street drains, waterways and outfalls on the Mornington Peninsula are anticipated this spring and summer as a result of the La Nina effect.

The forecast follows a report by insurer AAMI which ranks Mornington, Mount Martha, Mount Eliza and Frankston at number four in its list of storm-damaged suburbs. (“Storms create claims havoc” The News 2/11/20).

Mornington Peninsula Shire says storms and heavy rains can have a big impact on property, neighbours and the wider community. Residents are being encouraged to revisit or create an emergency plan and prepare their property in advance. It is not always possible to predict where and when flooding will occur – especially flash flooding.

Tips on preparing property for storms include cleaning gutters, spouting and downpipes, and fixing loose tiles, roofing iron and ridge capping. This can prevent water collecting in a roof and causing it to collapse.

During storms, residents should monitor conditions regularly and talk to their neighbours, family and friends to see what their plans are and discuss how they can help each other.

Everyone should know where, how and when to turn off mains power and water and gas in an emergency or evacuation.

Visit the Emergency Preparedness website for information on how to prepare a property for an emergency: and

First published in the Southern Peninsula News – 1 December 2020


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